USeP hosts forum on rape intervention

The Integrated Gender and Development Division (IGDD) collaborated with the USeP Gender and Development (GAD) office for the conduct of the forum on RAPE INTERVENTION to support the 18-Day Campaign to End VAW.

The successful event was conducted yesterday (November 27, 2019) at the USeP College of Education AVR || 1PM – 5PM.

In attendance was 2nd district councilor, Hon. Richlyn Justol-Baguilod who supported the campaign being the chairperson of the Committee on Women, Children and Family Relations.

Participants coming from different barangays were vividly serious on the topic presented (Twin Laws on Rape) and the situationer of 2017-2019 Rape Crimes.

Resource Speaker: Pros. Arnold Abejaron (City Prosecutors Office) and Ms. Janice Pinky Moreno (IGDD)

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