DAP conducts CC-FFT, 25 USeP personnel now futurists

In the endeavor to further spread the importance of Futures Thinking as a discipline and tool towards gaining a better understanding of possible outcomes in policy making and planning, the Development Academy of the Philippines, through its Graduate School of Public and Development Management (DAP- GSPDM), conducted a Batch 4 Certificate Course on Foresight and Futures Thinking (CC-FFT) from June 2- July 1, 2022, via Zoom platform.

Comprising of five (5) course modules, CC-FFT aims to introduce Futures Thinking as an idea, theory, and/or paradigm and Strategic Foresight as a process and mindset alongside their tools and methodology in view of their importance and value in Public Policy Making and Planning.

Seventy-four (74) learners from the different agencies and institutions successfully completed the course of which 25 were from the University of Southeastern Philippines (USeP). The DAP-GSPDM conducted the Virtual Graduation Ceremony on August 20, 2022, via Facebook Live and Zoom.

The 25 participants and now ‘Futurists’ from USeP are as follows:

  1. Engr. Delan Zoe H. Arenga
  2. Dr. Joeteddy B. Bugarin
  3. Atty. Arlene L. Cosape
  4. Dr. Marites L. Domingo
  5. Dr. Cristina E. Dumdumaya
  6. Dr. Joan D. Gervacio
  7. Dr. Victoria P. Guillano
  8. Dr. Merlina H. Juruena
  9. Asst. Prof. Yvonne M. Kiel
  10. Dr. Ivy Kim D. Machica
  11. Dr. Roger C. Montepio
  12. Assoc. Prof. Virginia Barbara P. Nillas
  13. Ms. Judee N. Nogodula
  14. Dr. Reynaldo M. Nogudula
  15. Dr. Roby V. Pagong
  16. Ms. Rizamae S. Palen
  17. Ms. Pamela Dawn G. Patayon
  18. Dr. Ariel Roy L. Reyes
  19. Dr. Jose Alther M. Rivera
  20. Dr. Aristeo C. Salapa
  21. Mr. Robert C. Satorre
  22. Engr. Filmann T. Simpao
  23. Mr. Hermoso J. Tupas, Jr.
  24. Dr. Maureen M. Villamor
  25. Atty. Jesus A. Villardo III


During the virtual graduation, the USeP Group 1, composed of nine (9) co-learners namely, Engr. Delan Zoe H. Arenga, Dr. Joeteddy B. Bugarin, Atty. Arlene L. Cosape, Dr. Marites L. Domingo, Dr. Cristina E. Dumdumaya, Dr. Joan D. Gervacio, Victoria P. Guillano, Dr. Merlina H. Juruena, Asst. Prof. Yvonne M. Kiel received one of the three (3) Special Citation Awards for having the Superior Group Policy Brief titled, “Climate Smart and Resilient Agriculture for Food Secure Davao Region”.

Special Citation Awards were given to groups that gained the highest rating based on their oral presentation and submission of policy foresight brief papers which is part of the requirements for the CC-FFT.

The DAP-GSPDM CC-FFT hopes to strengthen the anticipatory capacity of lawmakers, governance, and public systems and processes in order to develop more agile, resilient, and robust mechanisms and forward-thinking approaches in creating opportunities and minimizing risks despite factors of uncertainties.

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