USeP NTSA inks partnership with MARS Agri-ventures and ECPay; installs cash-in machine for GCash and bills payment services

The University of Southeastern Philippines Non-Teaching Staff Association (USeP NTSA), in collaboration with MARS Agri-ventures & Commodities, Inc. and ECPAY Philippines, proudly launched a secured digital multi-payment kiosk on February 28, 2023. The all-in-one payment kiosk is stationed at Gate 2 of the University and it offers various payment services to over 500 billers, including electronic loading, e-wallet cash-in like GCASH, airline ticket payments, PAG-IBIG, and SSS payments, as well as bills payment.

The ceremony was led by USeP Vice President for Administration Dr. Maria Luisa B. Faunillan, USeP NTSA President Dr. Evelyn A. Gecale, and MARS Agri-ventures Asst. Vice President Mr. Charlie Quiñal through a ceremonial ribbon cutting. The digital kiosk is the second to be deployed within a school campus in the Davao Region, offering unprecedented convenience to all personnel, students, and nearby residents.

The installation of the kiosk aims to streamline and complement the financial processes of the University, ensuring real-time online posting of digital transactions. The kiosk is expected to improve the efficiency of payment processes significantly, ultimately leading to a more convenient experience for all users. With the integration of GCASH, electronic loading, and e-wallet cash-in, users can easily access their digital transactions and make payments in a secure and hassle-free manner.

The USeP NTSA and its partners, MARS Agri-ventures & Commodities, Inc. and ECPAY Philippines are committed to continuously providing innovative and efficient payment solutions to the University community. The kiosk also promotes financial literacy and encourages the adoption of digital payments among students and personnel.

In a statement, Dr. Gecale expressed her delight with the installation of the kiosk, highlighting that it was a significant milestone for the University and the Association. “This is a big step forward in our efforts to provide a more convenient and efficient service to our personnel, students, and the community. We are pleased to partner with MARS Agri-ventures and ECPAY Philippines to bring this innovative technology to our campus,” she said.

Meanwhile, Mr. Quiñal also shared his excitement, emphasizing the importance of this initiative in supporting the local community’s financial needs. “We are proud to have partnered with USeP in launching this multi-payment kiosk. It is our hope that this service will bring ease and convenience to everyone who needs to process their payments,” he said.

Dr. Faunillan also expressed her gratitude for the successful launch of the kiosk, emphasizing the importance of collaboration among different sectors in advancing technology and providing better services. “We are proud to have worked with MARS Agri-ventures on this project. This collaboration proves that working together can lead to remarkable achievements, and we look forward to more initiatives like this in the future,” she said.

As the first digital payment kiosk in a school campus in the Davao Region, this initiative is a significant step towards the modernization of payment systems in the country. With the introduction of more convenient and secure payment solutions, Filipinos are expected to shift towards digital transactions, ultimately leading to a more cashless and streamlined society. (Robert C. Satorre)

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