USeP co-organizes The World Bank Group records management roadmap workshop

In the effort to help government and public -sector organizations implement strategic and coordinated improvements and development of records management system, The World Bank Group spearheaded a workshop on its Records Management Roadmap in coordination with the University of Southeastern Philippines – Knowledge for Development Community (USeP-KDC) on May 30, 2023 at the University Social Hall, USeP-Obrero Campus.

The workshop has invited delegates from various government and public-sector institutions; among them were the government agencies that closely work on the advancement of records management and development in the country: the National Archives of the Philippines (NAP) led by its Executive Director, Mr. Victorino Mapa Manolo, C.E.S.E; and the National Library of the Philippines (NLP), represented by Ms. Jennifer B. Dimasaca, Chief of the Bibliographic Services Division.

University President, Dr. Lourdes C. Generalao, opened the workshop with her welcome remarks, thanking the commitment of the attendees regarding upholding the fundamental importance of records in keeping track of the progress of any institution. Dr. Generalao stressed that records are an invaluable asset that mirrors the history and evolution of any organization- enabling informed decision, transparency, and operational improvements.

“Effective records management programs are indispensable for organizations seeking to uphold transparency, accountability, and compliance. Through an implementation of effective records management program, our institutions can guarantee the accuracy, completeness, and accessibility of our records when required,” she said. She also emphasized that ‘good records management is equal to good governance’.

Ms. Dimacasa talked about the role that records management plays in effective service delivery in the library setting. She remarked that every library must implement an efficient system and cited online Public Access Catalog (OPAC)- which USeP already implemented.

Serving as the keynote speaker of the workshop, Mr. Manolo talked about the state of records management in the country as well as how good records management can help government and institutions drive good governance and deliver high-quality services. He reminded the records custodians and management personnel on the importance of paramount record keeping in view of the recent fire incident on the Central Post Office.

Further, Mr. Manolo urged government agencies to contact and coordinate with the NAP-Records Management Services Division (RMSD) for matters concerning training and development of respective records management systems of government and public -sector organizations.

The workshop, which will be conducted in the afternoon, was preluded by the introduction of The World Bank Group (WBG) Records Management Roadmap by Ms. Purity Muthoni Mwagha and Ms. Paloma Beneito Arlas; and the briefing of the guidelines and grouping for the interactive exercises for the workshop by Ms. Dyah Kristiani, Information officers of the WBG.

Earlier, the WBG team has visited the USeP Office of the President for a courtesy call.

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