Celebrating Excellence and Empowering Agilas: USeP Tagum-Mabini Campus Holds 44th Commencement Exercises

The University of Southeastern Philippines (USeP) Tagum-Mabini campus celebrated a momentous milestone on June 27, 2023 as it hosted its 44th Commencement Exercises. Amidst a backdrop of hope and anticipation, the Class of 2023 bid farewell to their alma mater, armed with the wisdom and motivation necessary to conquer the crossroads that lie ahead.

The event commenced with a solemn academic procession, led by the distinguished faculty members, University officials, and honored guests. The atmosphere was filled with a sense of accomplishment and excitement as the graduates eagerly anticipated this moment in their academic journey.

Dr. Lourdes C. Generalao, the University President, acknowledged the remarkable courage and sacrifices demonstrated by the 265 graduates in undergraduate programs and 43 in graduate programs throughout their academic journey. Amidst moments of exhaustion and hopelessness, their unwavering determination led them to succeed as accomplished individuals. She highlighted the University’s commitment to serving the community and the nation, along with appreciation for the support of parents and faculty members.

Dr. Generalao also reminded the graduates that as they embark on a new chapter in their lives, it is essential for them to reflect on the valuable lessons learned beyond academic knowledge, focusing on personal growth and transformation. She then sent off the graduates, the full-grown Agilas, with confidence and pride knowing that they are equipped to achieve greatness, and that the University will always be a source of opportunities.

One of the highlights of the ceremony was the captivating message of Atty. Randy E. De Gala, a highly regarded Professor of Law and an accomplished litigation attorney. He delivered an inspiring address as this year’s esteemed commencement speaker. Atty. De Gala inspired the graduates with his powerful words of encouragement and advice telling the graduates to not be afraid in facing crossroads in their lives as these may lead them somewhere.

Drawing from his own life experiences, Atty. De Gala emphasized that crossroads are not obstacles to be feared, but opportunities for growth and self-discovery. He shared his personal journey, filled with moments of uncertainty and of choices that shaped his success. He encouraged the graduates to have faith in their abilities and reminded them that crossroads often lead to unexpected and remarkable outcomes.

In his captivating speech, Atty. De Gala said, “No obstacle is insurmountable, and that with the right mindset, anything is possible. As you stand at the threshold of your own journey, remember that you are not alone in facing uncertainties that lie ahead. Each one of you has the strength, the resilience, and the potential to overcome any obstacle that comes your way.”


Another highlight of the event was the valedictory speech delivered by Claudine D. Isturis, a distinguished graduate from the College of Teacher Education and Technology. In her speech, Isturis shared her personal experiences and expressed gratitude to the University, to the faculty, and to the parents for their unwavering support. She left her fellow graduates with the key takeaways of never settling for mediocrity, going beyond mere compliance, persevering through challenges, expressing gratitude to those who supported them, and recognizing their own efforts.

The 44th Commencement Exercises of USeP Tagum-Mabini campus concluded with a heartfelt rendition of the USeP hymn. The event served as a reminder that the education of the Class of 2023 does not end with graduation but rather opens doors to a lifetime of continuous learning and growth. It symbolized a beginning of a new chapter filled with limitless possibilities.

Indeed, at USeP, we build dreams without limits!

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