Freshies kick start USeP journey with Camp Liyag, Club Day

With the coordination and partnership of the Office of the Student Affairs and Services (OSAS), the University Student Government (USG), the Obrero Student Council (OSC), the Council of Clubs and Organizations (CCO), and College Local Councils (CLCs), the University of Southeastern Philippines (USeP) welcomed the new undergraduate students of the Academic Year 2023-2024 through Campus Tour and Club Day on August 15 and 16, 2023, respectively at USeP-Obrero Campus, Davao City.

With a theme, “Camp Liyag: Freshies Onboarding Program”, the Campus Tour aims to foster a seamless and enriching transition into the USeP community experience for first-year students. Camp Liyag comprehensively introduced the University facilities, resources, and co- and extra-curricular opportunities and activities that instill familiarity and confidence in the new students to foster a strong sense of community and belongingness.

Meanwhile, Club Day provided opportunities for students to engage with recognized organizations, clubs, events, and cultural activities that might develop their interest and hone their talents and skills.

Dr. Jose Alther M. Rivera, Director of OSAS, welcomed the students on their journey to the University during the opening ceremonies of Camp Liyag. He emphasized the importance of enjoying one’s stay at the University- to indulge and participate in any activities to experience the fullness of the USeP community life. He also said that OSAS is always there to support matters that primarily concern the student body of the University.

The two-day event was filled with vibrant student performances; inspiring talks and interactions; and information-filled orientations on what the USeP experience is made of.

Freshies, enjoy being part of the University community of scholars as we help build your dreams without limits!

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