Gabales propels USeP towards excellence in inaugural campus visit, PQA orientation

On a momentous occasion, the University of Southeastern Philippines (USeP) welcomed its new President, Dr. Bonifacio G. Gabales, Jr., during his first official campus visit to the Tagum-Mabini Campus (TMC) on the morning of November 20, 2023. The visit also served as an orientation on the Philippine Quality Awards (PQA), emphasizing the institution’s dedication to excellence and continuous improvement.

The distinguished guests in attendance included TMC Chancellor Dr. Cesar A. Limbaga, Jr.; Dean of the College of Teacher Education and Technology (CTET) Dr. Genna J. Carmelo; Dean of the School of Medicine (SoM) Dr. Victoria P. Guillano; Department Head of Agriculture and Biosystems Engineering Department, Dr. Roger C. Montepio; International Affairs Division (IAD) Director, Dr. Reynaldo M. Nogodula, program heads, faculty, staff, and students.

Also present during the event were the Category Champions: Organizational Profile – Dr. Joan D. Gervacio; Category 1 (Leadership) – Dr. Tamara Cher R. Mercado; Category 2 (Strategy) – Dr. Daisy T. Besing; Category 3 (Customer) – Dr. Jeneifer C. Nueva; Category 4 (Measurement, Analysis and Knowledge Management) – Dr. Cristina E. Dumdumaya; Category 5 (Workforce) – Dr. Edeliza S. Gonzales; Category 6 (Operations) – Dr. Maria Luisa B. Faunillan; and Category 7 (Results) – Assoc. Prof. Henry C. Encabo.

President Gabales opened the program with remarks underscoring the significance of the visit, stating, “Our visit is not just an ordinary visit; this marks my tenure as the new president. The raising of the flag symbolizes the raising of hopes and aspirations aligned with the vision, mission, and goals of USeP. Our presence here is part of our commitment to celebrate and sustain success while identifying areas for improvement to preserve and protect the brand of USeP.”

The highlight of the program was the presentation of the PQA Application Report (PQAAR). Dr. Joan D. Gervacio, Secretary of the University and the Board of Regents and Organizational Profile Category Champion, provided insights into the organizational profile and situational aspects of the PQAAR. Subsequent discussions on leadership were given by Dr. Tamara Cher R. Mercado, Vice President for Planning and Quality Assurance and OIC of the Office of the Vice President for Academic Affairs and Category 1 Champion. Dr. Daisy T. Besing, Institutional Planning Division Director and Category 2 Champion, detailed the strategy development and implementation, highlighting the Plan-Do-Check-Act cycle applied by USeP.

Dr. Jeneifer C. Nueva, Dean of Office of the Advanced Studies (OAS) and Director of the Curriculum and Instruction Office (CIO) and Category 3 Champion with Dr. John Mark S. Francisco, Director of Resource Management Division (RMD), discussed customer expectations, engagement, and the importance of listening to customer feedback. This was followed by the presentation of Dr. Cristina E. Dumdumaya, Director of Performance Management, Monitoring and Evaluation Division (PMMED) and Category 4 Champion.

Dr. Edeliza S. Gonzales, Director of the Human Resource Management Division (HRMD) and Category 5 Champion, discussed the workforce, emphasizing work environment and work engagement, highlighting USeP as a recipient of PRIME-HRM Bronze Award. Meanwhile, Dr. Maria Luisa B. Faunillan, Vice President for Administration and Category 6 Champion, highlighted key operational processes and effectiveness, stating the importance of effectiveness and efficiency in the workforce.

Afterward, Assoc. Prof. Henry C. Encabo, Director of Quality Assurance Division (QAD) and Category 7 Champion, shared insights into the results as the success story of USeP. He noted that success is not always linear but can be exponential or zigzag, emphasizing resilience as the University overcomes its ups and downs.

Mr. Robert C. Satorre, PQA Assessor, provided expectations of the PQA assessors to give insights on what to expect during the visit.  This was followed by an open forum wherein some students expressed their questions.

Addressing concerns about the continuity of projects under the new administration, Dr. Gabales assured that the Board of Regents-approved plan would be followed as it encapsulates the strategic vision for USeP, maintaining the continuity of USeP’s initiatives.

Regarding the benefits for students, if USeP passes the PQA, it would position the University as a model organization both nationally and internationally, meeting the standards of the Quality Assurance Framework, bringing pride and honor to the institution, and ultimately leading to improved services for its students and other stakeholders.

Looking ahead, USeP pledged to foster inclusivity through future plans for more accessible buildings, aligning with its overarching strategic plan.

In his closing remarks, President Gabales expressed his commitment to sustaining the high standards set by USeP and called for the support of faculty, staff, and students to realize the University’s plans. The event marked a significant step in USeP’s journey towards excellence and continual improvement.

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