USeP attends 2024 nat’l. culture and arts fest

The University of Southeastern Philippines (USeP) made an impressive mark at the Philippine Association of State Universities and Colleges (PASUC) 2024 National Culture and Arts Festival cum National Training Workshop for Directors, Coaches, and Trainers, showcasing the talent and dedication of its faculty and students towards promoting Philippine culture and arts.

Dr. Arlene de Vera, the Cultural Affairs Unit Deputy Director, spearheaded USeP’s delegation with remarkable leadership and vision. Her expertise and commitment to cultural enrichment have been instrumental in elevating the university’s role in national cultural initiatives. Alongside her, Ms. Minitte M. Cifra, the CAU Campus Head of USeP-Mintal, played a crucial role in representing USeP-Mintal campus.

The festival was also a platform for the university’s talented coaches, Ms. Kethelle I. Sajonia and Ms. Karen B. Geneston from the USeP-Mintal Campus, to showcase their exceptional skills. Their dedication to nurturing the artistic talents of their students was evident through their innovative training methods and passionate involvement in the festival’s various activities.

The highlight of USeP’s participation was undoubtedly the remarkable performance of the student participants from the Obrero Campus, King Ivan B. Satorre and Arturo T. Pantastico; Jerly Gales and Hazelle Shun Verana from USeP-Mintal. These students not only represented the University with distinction but also embodied the spirit of Philippine art and culture through their performances.

The 2024 National Culture and Arts Festival cum National Training Workshop for Directors, Coaches, and Trainers was a significant event that brought together the finest talents in the fields of culture and arts. The University of Southeastern Philippines’ participation in this festival not only highlighted the University’s commitment to cultural development and arts education but also reinforced its status as a key player in the nation’s cultural landscape.

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