USeP sends student leaders, advisers to 2024 PACSA convention

Three (3) campus advisers and five (5) student leaders from the University of Southeastern Philippines (USeP) attended the 4th International Conference and the 43rd Annual National Convention of Campus Advisers organized by the Philippine Association of Campus Student Advisers (PACSA) on March 13-16, 2024, at the Baguio Teachers Camp in Baguio City, Philippines.

The convention, which also included the 27th Annual National Convention for Student Leaders, carried the theme, “PACSA P.O.W.E.R.: Purpose-driven Advocacy, Optimism with a Strong Sense of Ownership, Winnable Transformation through Inclusivity, Empowering Change and Innovation, Recalibrating of Leadership Mindset,” provided platform and opportunity for participants to engage in deep discussions, workshops, and activities that foster leadership skills, advocate for positive change, and promote inclusivity and innovation in leadership practices across campuses nationwide.

Representing the University were Mr. Robert C. Satorre, adviser of the Obrero Student Council (OSC); Prof. Eulalio C. Patayon, adviser of Mintal Student Council (MinSC); Mr. Rizalino O. Dela Torre, adviser of Tagum Student Council (TSC); and Mr. Rendel B. Bacan, College of Teacher Education and Technology (CTET) Student Coordinator. Their participation exemplified USeP’s dedication to cultivating a culture of excellence and leadership among its faculty.

The student delegation included Ms. Giana Alliona Caminade, OSC President; Ms. Terry Jean Arnado, MinSC President; Mr. Jasper Llamas, University Student Government (USG) Vice President for Audit and Logistics; Ms. Angel Keith Tayabas, TSC Treasurer; and Mr. Mark John Ramos, TSC Secretary. These student leaders showcased their commitment to advancing student governance and contributing to a collaborative and innovative leadership environment.

Mr. Satorre expressed his enthusiasm about the convention, stating, “The diverse topics and the caliber of speakers at the convention were truly inspiring. It was an enlightening experience that will empower our advisers and student leaders to drive positive change and innovation in our communities. The PACSA P.O.W.E.R. theme resonates with our ongoing efforts to enhance leadership skills and mindset among our students. I’m confident that our participation in this convention will lead to meaningful transformations within USeP and beyond.”

Ms. Caminade also shared her appreciation for the opportunity provided by the convention. “As a student leader, I recognize the profound significance of this experience, not only for enhancing my leadership skills but also for the collective advancement of our student body. Throughout this event, I have acquired a wealth of invaluable insights and honed practical skills that I am eager to integrate into my leadership approach. Moreover, I am driven by a newfound sense of responsibility to leverage my influence for the greater good,” she said.
She further remarked, “This transformative journey with PACSA has emboldened me to embrace my role as a catalyst for change, dedicated to championing causes that resonate deeply with our student body and contribute meaningfully to the betterment of our University community.”

The participation of the University in such a significant event not only highlights its commitment to leadership and academic excellence but also positions its students and advisers as crucial contributors to the national and international dialogue on student leadership and governance. Their experience at the convention will bring enhanced skills, fresh insights, and renewed motivation to impact the student government climate of the University.

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