USeP celebrates Filipinnovation

The University of Southeastern Philippines (USeP) joins the celebration of the National Innovation Day with the theme, “Unboxing the Filipinnovation Mindset”, at Novotel Manila Araneta City, Quezon City.
It aims to (1) increase public awareness of innovation programs and activities of the government and the private sector, (2) cultivate the innovative culture and mindset, and (3) mainstream Filipinnovation—the whole-of-nation call and commitment to accelerate Philippine progress through innovation—across all Filipinos. The event gathers 400 participants across industries, government, and academe.
The concept of “Unboxing the Filipinnovation Mindset” is inspired by a prevalent trend in social media, where ‘unboxing’ refers to the act of unveiling new products, often showcased in online videos. This year, the focus is to build an innovative culture by nurturing an innovative mindset.
‘Unboxing’ this mindset entails a collective effort to challenge existing norms and practices that deter innovation. The best way to start this paradigm shift is by amplifying our core values critical to innovation such as empathy o malasakit, critical thinking o ang pagiging mapanuri, creativity o ang pagiging malikhain, imaginative o maharaya, and a collaborative spirit o ang diwa ng bayanihan.
The event is participated in by Dr. Karl P. Campos, Director of the Knowledge and Technology Transfer Division (KTTD); Ms. Leah P. Caldedero, KTTD Administrative Staff; and some selected students, viz: Drexie Parido, Lorenzo Emmanuel Osabel, and Josh Melvee Hordista.
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