Re-opening Online Registration and Submission of Requirements


The University of Southeastern Philippines (USePAT) is re-opening the online registration and submission of requirements for the USeP Admission Test (USePAT) for school year 2018-2019. Deadline of online registration and submission of requirements is on January 26, 2018 (Friday).

Please refer to the following guidelines for registration:

STEP 1. Register online at

STEP 2. Submit the following requirements:

  1. Form 137A (certified true copy) with GPA per year obtained during: • Grade 9 and 10 (Junior High School), and Grade 11 (Senior High School)
  2. Form 138A (certified true copy) with first (1st) grading GPA during: • Grade 12 (Senior High School)
  3. Two (2) pieces recent Passport-size ID pictures with name tags
  4. ITR of parents or Certificate of Low Income

To submit your requirements, please visit the University Guidance and Testing Office (UGTO). You may also send your requirements via mail (example: LBC) addressed to:


Directress, University Guidance and Testing Office (UGTO)

University of Southeastern Philippines (USeP)

Inigo St, Bo. Obrero, Davao City 8000

Examination Qualifiers must pay the Php 215.00 testing fee at least one (1) day before the examination schedule.

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