USeP conducts workshop on Knowledge Management and HR Development

Following the success of the ISO certification audit visit, the University of Southeastern Philippines (USeP) organized the Knowledge Management Introductory Workshop and Human Resource Development Planning Workshop on September 24-25, 2018 at the Function Hall 2 of Garden Oases in Obrero, Davao City.

In her opening address, University President, Dr. Lourdes C. Generalao, thanked the participants for their support to the University’s activities. She said that with the heightened competition in the academic field, everyone is called to explore how Knowledge Management can improve the University’s systems and processes.

Knowledge, after all, is one of the foremost resources of USeP, next to its people. Generation of knowledge is among our chief purpose as a learning institution. So to create an environment conducive for the creation, transmission, and collection of information, an efficient and effective Knowledge Management must be implemented,” Pres. Generalao underscored.

Dr. Lorenzo F. Templonuevo, as the consultant and resource speaker, discussed the definition, processes, and historical evolution of Knowledge Management. Further, he enlightened participants on the Knowledge Creation Model, the Nonaka’s SECI (Socialization Externalization, Combination, and Internationalization) Model, and the Knowledge Management Paradigms.

He emphasized that Knowledge has potential; therefore, it must be harnessed.

Knowledge Management intends to help organizations raise the productivity of knowledge,” Dr. Templonuevo said.

During the second day, Dr. Templonuevo discussed Human Resource (HR) Development as a determinant to program success, including the difference between HR Management (HRM) and HR Development (HRD). To highlight the relevance of Competency Management in HRD planning, he also presented the HRM Process Flow under Competencies: HRD’s Alpha and Omega.

Among the highlights of the workshop include the organization of Breakout Teams to a) identify the University’s Capacity Development Imperatives based on the Catch-Up Plan, and its existing and future Research, Extension, and Development programs; and b) prepare the University’s 10-Year HRD Plan.

Members of the University Top Management, along with representatives from different offices, participated in the two-day activity. Centered on the theme Optimizing Capacities of USeP’s Foremost Resources: Knowledge and People, the workshops were conducted to help the USeP community gain a shared understanding of Knowledge Management and explore how this can be best applied in the context of the University.

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