USeP-SAEc conducts 1st Economic Forum 2019

The School of Applied Economics (SAEc), led by its Officer-in-Charge, Jennifer E. Hinlo, conducted the 1st SAEc Economic Forum (SEF) 2019: The Role of Economists in Fostering Growth and Development on January 24, 2019 at the Social Hall, University of Southeastern Philippines (USeP) Obrero Campus.

The SEF, a year-long series of conventions, conferences, seminars, lectures, and activities, highlights the role of economists in nation-building. These activities are organized in line with SAEc’s vision to empower the youth and mold them to become future leaders.

The resource speakers, SAEc faculty members Jennifer E. Hinlo, Karlo Martin C. Caramugan, Christopher D. Balubayan, Ivee V. Fuerzas, and Dr. Jennifer M. Arbiol, discussed the fiscal policy instruments used by the government in boosting growth and development in the country. They focused on discussions on Train Law and the Build, Build, Build program of the government, including tax policies, government expenditure, and the role of economists in economic growth and development in Mindanao.

SAEc recognizes the youth’s potential to create new ideas, advocate change, and sustain growth and development in the country. With the SEF, SAEc hopes to establish partnership with Senior High Schools (SHS) to promote the Bachelor of Science in Economics program and gain an increase in student admissions.

A total of 296 SHS students and 6 SHS faculty members from Davao City National High School (DCNHS) participated in the event.

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