CBA Young Marketers’ Society Bags Awards in Mindanao Marketing Competitions

The Young Marketers’ Society students from the College of Business Administration, University of Southeastern Philippines once again bagged medals and awards in various events in two major competitions, in the field of Marketing, in Davao City.


During the eight (8th) Marketing Wars and seventh (7th) Marketing Apprenticeship held on November 11-14, 2018, Team USeP won first place in the video advertisement competition with their podium finish perfume campaign. The team behind the campaign is composed of Donnalyn Abracia, Daniel Grenien, John Rey Ferraren, Allysa Claire Dumaop, and Joanna Tolentino. On the other hand, Charmella Maligro and Allyn Regacho of the Business Pitch competition and Daniella Amahan of the Essay Writing competition both landed in second place in their respective events.


The USeP Team also won several medals in the 12th AGUIPO Awards last February 24, 2019 held at the Finster Hall of the Ateneo de Davao University. The New Product Development Team represented by John Paolo Edullantes, Mylene Nicole Mepico, and Jan Clyde Onias, made a product out of indigenous and recyclable materials and were announced as third placers.  Daniella Amahan once again proved herself in essay writing as she grabbed the silver medal. On the other end, the Radio Advertisement team won second place whilst promoting a well-known appliance shop in Davao.


Indeed, the College of Business Administration was on a roll in the last half of school year 2018-2019. (Jan Clyde Onias, Dan Protacio Pacoy)

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