Call for Application

Here you go! This is the part you’ve been waiting for!

Jumpstart your dream company with USeP AGILab TBI. Start building that solution for a social problem you’ve been dying to solve.
Chase that dream to be the next Unicorn.

But first, let’s tell you that In AGILab, we won’t just treat you like a potential unicorn, but an Eagle!

As an Entrepreneur, you’re like the Eagle that soars and AGILab wants you to be a world-class Eagle that soars high across the globe!

In AGILab, we will guide you all the way from being an Eaglet to an Eagle.

Enjoy the benefits of an Eaglet Incubatee for 6 months!

✔️Mentoring by industry experts
✔️Legal consultation
✔️Business development support
✔️Market access
✔️Linkage to funding sources
✔️Networking events
✔️Opportunity to attend startup events and conferences
✔️Free use of office space

How to apply?
🔤Fill-out the Application Form and attach your Mini Business Plan:
🔤Here’s the Mini-business plan template:


Any questions or concerns? PM us and we’ll gladly assist you.

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