USeP conducts Earthquake Drill Orientation

NOVEMBER 6, 2019 – Before the 4th Quarter Nationwide Simultaneous Earthquake Drill (NSED) on November 14, 2019 (Thursday) at 9:00 A.M, the University of Southeastern Philippines (USeP) conducted a mass orientation for its employees and students spearheaded by the University Disaster Risk Reduction and Management (DRRM) Unit In-charge and Specialist, Mr. Niño Ben Salarda together with USeP’s Administrative Services Division (ASD) at the University Gymnasium.

All Deans, Directors and Heads of Office/Units, Faculty Members (Full-time and/or Part-time), Non-Teaching Staff (Regular, COS, JO and/or Outsourced) and students are advised to participate the said activity.

In the orientation, Mr. Salarda discussed the different types of emergencies, hazards and disasters as well as the ways to manage and reduce these calamities and the “what-to-do’s” before and during an earthquake. Also, he emphasized the National Protocol of DRRM: the “Duck, Cover and Hold” and he demonstrated this to the audience.

In his presentation, he mentioned,

“We may not have the power over what Mother Nature can do but we can have the control through proper knowledge, preparation and cohesiveness with the community at the center of our efforts.”

The University is reminding everyone to be prepared and alert but still maintain to be calm when these natural calamities arise. Rest assured that USeP is doing its best and making ways to reduce and manage these disasters for the safety of everyone.

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