GAD Office and CoE conduct orientation on gender sensitivity and anti-sexual harassment

The USeP Gender and Development (GAD) Office in partnership with the College of Engineering (CoE) conducted a two-day orientation on gender, sexuality and anti-harassment with the theme “Gender, Teamwork, and Management” at the Eden Nature Park and Resort, Davao City last February 6-7, 2020.

Faculty members and non-teaching personnel from the College of Engineering gathered and participated in the said orientation which aims to promote people centric governance and to create and facilitate platforms to discuss good practices, gaps, challenges, and commitments in pursuing gender and development including women empowerment in USeP.

Dr. Bernadeth L. Gerodias, Training Specialist of the Southern Philippines Medical Center, shared on self Awareness, sexuality and sexual practices during the first day of the activity. The participants were given several personality tests and exercises that allowed them to understand themselves more as well as to know certain things that they want in life in order to have a better understanding and working relationship with their colleagues. One of the purposes of having personality tests was also to help promote equality among men and women. “Men and women should be partners when working,” Dr. Gerodias stressed as she reminded the participants that great things happen when men and women work together equally in harmony.

After discussing self-awareness, Dr. Gerodias then talked about sexuality, which is knowing one’s gender orientation, sexual preferences, and sexual identity. She also shared various sexual practices that lead to HIV. The topic focused on promoting awareness to help prevent HIV cases among the community.

During the second day of the activity, Atty. Jesus Agora Villardo III, Director of the USeP Office of Legal Affairs and Dean of the School of Law, discussed important legal points concerning anti-sexual harassment. The topic aims to spread awareness on different forms and elements of sexual harassment including policies and laws in the Philippines that have been implemented to address the said matter. Atty. Villardo also shared the possible actions that can be taken if one ever experiences any form of sexual harassment.

The orientation is part of the Gender and Development Office’s advocacy efforts to promote women empowerment not only in USeP but also outside the institution.





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