USeP kicks off One Data, launches university-wide student portal

Exemplifying the mantra, “One Data. One USeP”, the University of Southeastern Philippines launched its new official online student portal,, which allows students from all of its campuses to have centralized access to their grades.

With the new system, students from Obrero, Mintal, Tagum, and Mabini campuses can view their grades online and download them as a portable document format (PDF) file via their smartphones or personal computers. The PDF file is also embedded with a unique QR Code as a deterrent for grades tampering. Upon scanning the document’s QR Code, the system will verify the code and display the appropriate verification details. The student portal will also serve as a platform for students to evaluate their faculty, college and other University offices and services in the future.

Queries regarding student portal access may be directed to the Knowledge Management Division (KMD) via e-mail at or by visiting the KMD office at the ground floor of the Engineering building, Obrero Campus. For external campuses, students may approach the designated campus KMD coordinators.

The milestone marks the first major attempt in harmonizing the data of the University’s campuses. According to Dr. Ariel Roy L. Reyes, Director of the University’s Knowledge Management Division (KMD), it certainly will not be the last.

“There are a lot of perks in being a big university. But sometimes with great size comes great challenges, and that is especially true in data management. While we pat ourselves on the back for this milestone, we in the KMD know there is still a long way to go to achieve our dream of fully achieving One Data. So, on to the next one.”

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