USeP leaps into an Outcomes-Based legal education

As part of USeP’s goal to make quality legal education accessible to the public, the School of Law (SoL) conducted the Capacity Development on Syllabi-making and Assessment, Measurement and Evaluation at the Pinnacle Hotel and Suites last February 22, 2020.

The activity, which was attended by faculty members of SoL, aimed to strengthen the operationalization of Outcomes-Based Education (OBE) in the Law program of USeP as well as the production of a course plan that will be the basis of teaching for future law professors.

The SoL, which was launched last August 2019, has seen the importance of operating an outcomes-based legal education program in the University since it has been recognized for implementing an OBE-framed course syllabus.

An Outcomes-Based Education (OBE) is an educational model that focuses on setting clear standards for observable and measurable outcomes. It is a model of education which allows the students to demonstrate that they are knowledgeable and are able to do whatever the required outcomes of the course are.

Dr. Bonifacio G. Gabales Jr., Vice President for Academic Affairs, served as the main speaker of the activity where he discussed syllabi-making highlighting on assessment measurement. Dr. Gabales noted the importance of operating the Law program in the frame of OBE in order to guarantee that future graduates of SoL will satisfy the program’s commitments and goals. He also explained the basic guidelines in creating an OBE-framed course syllabus showing the levels of formative assessment. He noted this as an important guideline for the faculty in assuring the level of knowledge and understanding that students have gained throughout the course.

Dr. Henry C. Encabo, Director of Quality Assurance Division, explained that USeP has taken a step forward in terms of accreditation level of its programs. Part of this leap is to strengthen the alignment of the assessment of syllabus to OBE based on the perspective of the International Organization of Standardization (ISO). Dr. Encabo further explained the importance of this alignment in helping the University achieve its goal for quality education.

Atty. Jesus Agora Villardo III, Dean of the School of Law, expressed his gratitude to the participants for their active cooperation in achieving future endeavours of SoL. “Every capacity development is a feather in our cap,” he said as he congratulated everyone for the successful activity.

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