USeP conducts virtual program accreditation

The University of Southeastern Philippines (USeP) officially opened earlier today, November 23, via Zoom, the weeklong remote program accreditation visit by the Accrediting Agency of Chartered Colleges and Universities in the Philippines (AACCUP).

During her opening message, the USeP Vice President for Quality Assurance and Planning, Dr. Tamara Cher Mercado, expressed her gratitude to the commitment that the employees have shown despite the challenges brought by the current pandemic. Dr. Tamara also stressed that the University continues to uphold its goals in providing quality education to its students. She ended her message with a positive note saying “We are looking forward to seeing positive outcomes.”

The University President, Dr. Lourdes C. Generalao, thanked and congratulated the USeP community for the efforts that have been exerted despite the health crisis. Dr. Generalao underscored that having conducted the second remote program accreditation visit, in the time of pandemic, only shows that the members of the USeP academic community are committed, adaptive and resilient.

From November 23-27, seven (7) programs will be evaluated by the AACCUP accreditors. The members of the accrediting team and the programs to be assessed are as follows: Engr. Medel E. Aligan- BU and Engr. Melchore E. Jaramilla- PalSU for the BS in Mechanical Engineering for 3rd Survey; Dr. Joanne E. Rivera- DMMMSU and Dr. Carlos C. Lolo- ZCSPC for the Doctor of Philosophy major in Organizational Studies for 2nd Survey; Dr. Nancy M. Santiago-BulSU and Engr. Lowell D. Espinosa- SKSU for MS in Engineering for 2nd Survey;Dr. Mitzi Aileen M. Alba-USM for Master in Education Extension Program for Preliminary Survey; Dr. Divinagracia M. De Guzman-NVSU for Master of Education in Language Teaching for Preliminary Survey; and Dr. Rosalina A. Sagocsoc- CarSU and Prof. Victoria P. Besana- CPSU for BS in Agricultural Business for 1st Survey.

It can be recalled that the University had its first remote program accreditation last October 12-16 wherein seven (7) academic programs were subjected to evaluation by the AACCUP.

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