RDE team follows up on University extension projects

The Research, Development, and Extension Monitoring and Evaluation (RDE M&E) Team of the University of
Southeastern Philippines, headed by the Vice President for RDE, Dr. Shirley S. Villanueva, conducted a one-day field monitoring and evaluation of the University Extension project entitled “ILAYAG UG IWAHIG: Household
Electrification Sustainability and Water System Installation” in Sitio Igang, Talaingod, Davao del Norte.

The program is composed of two projects, the EnggKindle and WaterEngg. EnggKindle, an electrification project,
sustains the household electrification (HE) PISOLAR project, a DOST-funded intervention previously implemented in
the said sitio. While the WaterEngg is a project that design, installs, monitor, and evaluate water system to ensure the community’s access to safe water.

Headed by Engr. Filman T. Simpao, the pool of experts from the College of Engineering successfully maneuvered the
delivery of these programs based on desired outputs and immediate outcomes.

Also, the beneficiaries of the electrification project said that EnggKindle created a sense of security, enhanced social cohesion, improved local business formations, reduced family expenditure on the use of gas-discharge lamps, and improved children’s study habits and academic performance.

In the said activity, Dr. Villanueva envisioned a model community that illuminates genuine socio-economic
transformations. She also said that the office (OVPRDE) is eyeing other interventions that will support, complement, and translate program benefits into larger outcomes and impacts.

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