USeP conducts onsite FY 2024 Budget Forum

The University of Southeastern Philippines, led by University President Dr. Lourdes C. Generalao, through the Office of the Vice President for Planning and Quality Assurance (OVPPQuA), Institutional Planning Division (IPD), and Finance Division, spearheaded the conduct of the on-site 2024 Budget Review and Consultation and Operational Planning Workshop on February 13, 2023, at the World Palace, Davao City.

VPPQuA Dr. Tamara Cher R. Mercado gave the opening remarks, followed by the presentation of budget proposals of units under the Office of the President, Office of the Vice President for Administration (OVPAD), Office of the Vice President for Academic Affairs (OVPAA), Office of the Vice President for Research, Development, and Extension (OVPRDE), OVPPQuA, Tagum-Mabini Campus, Mintal Campus, and Malabog Extension Campus (MEC). Ms. Gabrielle Sophia L. Tamula, President of the University Student Government (USG) and the Student Regent, presented the proposals of the student body.

Prioritization of proposals was facilitated by IPD Director Dr. Daisy T. Besing. Invited panel members gave their inputs and observations on the proposals. The consolidated indicative 2024 Budget Proposal was then presented by President Generalao. VPAd Dr. Maria Luisa B. Faunillan delivered the closing remarks.

The whole-day activity was participated in by the members of the University Administrative Council and some students.

This effort of the University ensures that the FY 2024 budget proposal is consistent with the priorities and policy directions of the current administration as embodied in the 8-point Socioeconomic Agenda and the Philippine Development Plan (PDP) 2023-2028; priority programs and projects outlined in the FY 2023-2028 Public Investment Program (PIP) and FY 2024-2026 Three-Year Rolling Infrastructure Program (TRIP); Regional Development Council XI priority PAPs; USeP Strategic Plan 2022-2027; USeP Institutional Development Plan 2022-2024; USeP 6-point priority agenda; Land Use Development and Infrastructure Plan 2022-2031; and Program accreditation, assessment, and certification requirements.

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