USeP holds first IGP summit, launches univ. research centers

To realize its institutional objective to mobilize and optimize resources for sustainable development, the University of Southeastern Philippines (USeP), through the collaboration of the Resource Management Division (RMD) with the Research and Development, and Extension (RDE) Divisions and the Advancing Great Ideas Laboratory (AGILab), conducted the opening ceremonies of the University’s first-ever Income Generating Project (IGP) Summit and launching of the research centers on May 15, 2023, at the University Gymnasium and Cultural Center (UGCC), USeP-Obrero Campus, Davao City.

Anchored in the theme, “Maximizing University Income: Unlocking the Power of Innovative IGP Strategies and Partnerships”, the event welcomed the attendance of various partners and stakeholders of the University in the field of IGP and research. Among the attendees were delegates from several government and private offices and agencies, State Universities and Colleges (SUCs), industry and community partners, and the University faculty, researchers, extensionists, non-teaching personnel, and students.

Dr. Maria Luisa B. Faunillan, USeP Vice President for Administration (VPAd), signaled the commencement of the activity with her opening remarks. She stated the importance of robust and effective IGP strategies for USeP. Dr. Faunillan expounded on the correlation of the IGP summit with the launching of the Research Centers and has expressed her excitement about what will unfold for the entirety of the summit. She said, “This will be a great opportunity for the University to bring together experts from various fields to share insights on how to unlock the power of innovative IGP strategies and partnerships”.

“This IGP summit shall surely attain our vision of having enhanced educational resources, expanded academic programs, student support services, research and innovation, and technology transfer. Through these efforts, we hope to create a culture of innovation and entrepreneurship within the University community,” she said.

Dr. Lourdes C. Generalao, USeP President, also graced the summit. In her inspirational message, she recalled how the University birthed various income-generating initiatives across the University campuses and units. Dr. Generalao also highlighted how these initiatives helped the University to be self-sustaining and reduce dependence on external funding, especially from the national government. She expounded on how IGP initiatives reflect the innovation culture of an SUC.

“As a State University, we have a significant role to play in promoting innovation and development through research, education, and community outreach. Through our IGPs, we can contribute to economic advancement and development, promote entrepreneurship skills development, and innovation by providing the necessary resources, facilities, and expertise to support research and development projects,” she said.

Dr. Generalao also emphasized the significance of cooperating with and inviting private sectors and businesses in the University endeavors like this summit. She then expressed her hopes that these endeavors on IGP will translate into income, employment, jobs, and knowledge for the communities in the future.

Dr. Shirley S. Villanueva, USeP Vice President for Research, Development and Extension (RDE), delivered her message regarding the importance of launching the Research Centers in consonance with the IGP summit. “The University was able to forge partnerships with industry partners to commercialize some of our potential R and D outputs.”

She recounted how the University has dreamed to organize such summits and research centers. “It is a humble brag, as this has been a dream of our University President to come up with the centers. We look forward to what these centers may contribute to the progress and development of our university communities, our stakeholders, and our society in many different ways”.

The opening ceremonies ended with the USeP IGPs and Research Centers’ Soiree, allowing the various representatives and managers to interact with and share their products and services with the attending stakeholders and partners.

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