USeP Obrero Campus honors Class of 2023; celebrates academic, non-academic excellence

The University of Southeastern Philippines (USeP) Obrero Campus Recognition Program for the USeP Obrero graduating class of 2023 was a momentous occasion filled with pride, joy, and admiration. The event took place at the University Gymnasium and Cultural Center (UGCC), USeP Obrero, Davao City, on June 29, 2023. The program is part of the 44th Commencement Exercises of the University.

Dr. Bonifacio G. Gabales, Jr., USeP Vice President for Academic Affairs, who officially opened the event, expressed his profound admiration for the graduating class and commended the students for their hard work, dedication, and unwavering pursuit of knowledge throughout their academic journey. Dr. Gabales also emphasized the vital role played by parents and guardians in nurturing and supporting their children’s dreams, acknowledging the sacrifices of families to ensure their children receive quality education. He extended his heartfelt appreciation to the parents and guardians, acknowledging the immense pride they must feel seeing their children achieve academic and non-academic excellence.

In this year’s recognition program, 524 outstanding students were honored for their remarkable academic achievements, with 137 being awarded the prestigious magna cum laude distinction and 387 achieving the esteemed cum laude. Also, there were 62 exceptional students who were awarded with non-academic distinctions.

The Recognition Program was a testament to USeP’s enduring dedication to academic and non-academic excellence. It serves as a platform to acknowledge and celebrate the exceptional achievements, unwavering dedication, and notable triumphs of the graduating students throughout their time at the University.

melbet The USeP Obrero Campus Class of 2023 has set a remarkable standard for future generations, inspiring all who follow in their footsteps to strive for excellence. The University extends its heartfelt congratulations to the graduates, their families, and the entire USeP community for their unwavering support in fostering a culture of academic brilliance and personal growth. May the successes of the Class of 2023 serve as a shining example and a source of inspiration for others who want to make a difference in the world.

Continue to soar high, Agilas!

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