USeP conducts Undergraduate Freshies Orientation 2023: Navigating University policies, processes, and services

The University of Southeastern Philippines (USeP) kicked off its academic year with a resounding virtual welcome as it hosted its annual Undergraduate Students Convocation and Freshies Orientation on August 14, 2023, via Zoom and FB Live. The event marked a significant moment for both new and returning students, providing them with essential information into the University’s policies, processes, and services.

The event commenced with a warm welcome from the University’s administration, emphasizing the University’s core values of Collaboration, Accountability, Resilience, Excellence, and Service Oriented (CARES). This introductory session set the tone for the day’s activities, highlighting USeP’s dedication to nurturing holistic and responsible individuals.

Dr. Bonifacio G. Gabales, Jr., USeP Vice President for Academic Affairs, extended a hearty welcome to the freshies and undergraduate students, accentuating the profound significance of their admission to the University. He emphasized, ‘’Your enrollment in the university is not just an academic achievement. It’s an opportunity to contribute to the betterment of our society.’’

Dr. Lourdes C. Generalao, University President, shared an inspirational message, encapsulating the uniqueness of university life with its blend of challenges and opportunities. She acknowledged that coping with the workload, attending lectures, writing papers, and preparing for exams could become overwhelming at times.

‘’It is also important to take care of your mental and physical health as the stress can take a toll on your well-being’’ Dr. Generalao underscored.

In a special message to the USePians, Hon. Loren Legarda, Senator of the Republic of the Philippines affirmed the legislators’ commitment to expanding educational opportunities and programs at the tertiary level, in addition to the provision of free higher education.

Student Regent, Hon. Kenneth Araya, also took the opportunity to warmly welcome the freshmen to the USeP community of scholars.

One of the highlights of the activity was the thorough dissemination of USeP’s policies, processes, and services. Representatives from various academic and administrative units took the virtual stage to walk students through the academic policies and support systems available to them. This interactive approach allowed students to clarify doubts, seek clarifications, and gain a deeper understanding of the University. The orientation also shed light on the services available to USeP students.

As the new academic year unfolds, the information gained during this event will undoubtedly serve as a sturdy foundation for USeP’s fresh faces, equipping them with the necessary information and understanding to thrive and excel in the University.

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