SPJRD makes its Scopus debut; milestone for USeP research, publication efforts

In a significant milestone for the scholarly community, the official research journal of the University of Southeastern Philippines (USeP)- the Southeastern Philippines Journal of Research and Development (SPJRD)- has achieved a monumental feat of being indexed in the renowned Scopus database. This milestone signifies the commitment of SPJRD toward research advancement through publications and the University’s vision of becoming a premier research university that transforms communities in the ASEAN and beyond.

Scopus, curated by Elsevier, is a comprehensive abstract and citation database that encompasses a wide array of academic disciplines. As a leading global bibliographic database, Scopus is widely recognized for its rigorous evaluation process and comprehensive coverage of academic publications. Being indexed in Scopus refers to the inclusion of a publication, such as a journal, conference proceedings, or scholarly article, in the Scopus database.

When a publication is indexed in Scopus, it has been evaluated and accepted by Scopus for encompassing in its database, indicating that it meets certain quality and scholarly criteria. Its indexing is highly regarded by researchers, institutions, and scholars worldwide, making it a significant milestone for any journal to be included.

SPJRD in the Scopus database confirms the journal’s scholarly merit and showcases high-quality research contributions.

“SPJRD presents diverse perspectives on contemporary issues, concerns, and best practices within the Mindanao and ASEAN region. This includes discussions about its borders, identity, efficacy, and limitations as both a geographical marker and a conceptual category. Since its revival in 2019, the journal has garnered worldwide attention from scholars and researchers. Now, being indexed on Scopus will further the journal to reach an even wider audience,” noted the SPJRD Editor-in-Chief Sajed S. Ingilan regarding the inclusion of the University-based research journal in Scopus.

Additionally, Scopus indexing is vital for researchers and institutions as it enhances the visibility and accessibility of their work within the global academic community, facilitates citation tracking, and can be a measure of the publication’s academic impact and quality.

In today’s time, where knowledge dissemination and collaboration are paramount, the presence of SPJRD in Scopus opens up new avenues for international collaboration and interdisciplinary research opportunities. This achievement highlights the fundamental role of SPJRD in advancing the region’s academic landscape and promoting knowledge sharing on a global scale.

This remarkable accomplishment of SPJRD’s inclusion in the Scopus database would not have been possible without the leadership of the University President, Dr. Lourdes C. Generalao, who has revitalized the University’s Research, Development, and Extension (RDE) initiatives and the Publication Unit. Her commitment to fostering a culture of research and academic excellence has laid the foundation for this significant milestone.

“I commend the SPJRD Board of Advisers and the dedicated Editorial Team, who have worked tirelessly to ensure the journal’s quality and relevance. I also want to acknowledge the immense contribution of the University’s Top Management, Administrative Council, and USeP Board of Regents for their steadfast support, approval of critical plans, strategic direction, incentives, and mechanisms that have paved the way for USeP’s remarkable success”, Pres. Generalao said as she underscored the essence of concerted efforts in SPJRD’s journey to Scopus.

SPJRD is expected to appear in Scopus sources within a month.

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