About OSAS

The OSAS, being a major support service arm of the University, is the destined to work for the attainment of the institution’s development goals. Its success depends on the effectiveness of the OSAS current staff and its ability to cause fruitful coordination between and among those concerned in the process of program/project implementation, especially the student leaders, faculty advisers and University officials.

Jose Alther M. Rivera, Ed.D
Director, OSAS

Quite obviously, the crux of this University’s legal mandate is to provide quality tertiary education especially to the intellectually deserving but less fortunate ones. Stated otherwise, this State-run institution of higher learning owes its genesis to the Filipino students, plain and simple.

While quality higher education is the main thrust, USeP is likewise committed to deliver several ancillary services to the students. This means that students are not only honed academically towards professionalism through the dedicated learning environments inside the instruction room. They, too, are bound to get some other provisions that the school is bound to deliver. These services are taken care of by the Office of Student Affairs and Services (OSAS).

The line of services this Office delivers varies from student welfare to student development and other programs. Specifically, this Office oversees the dispensation of student health and wellness services, scholarship programs, in and off-campus student activities, accreditation of student organizations and fraternities, including student discipline, and the like.

In other words, the OSAS is students’ refuge outside the classroom. The services it renders is on top of the academic benefits every student could get. I therefore encourage all students to visit and coordinate with the Office for whatever help it could extend to them. We shall be glad attend to students’ needs in every way we can that are within our means and capabilities.

Come one, come all! 


The OSAS envisions to become an effective channel for the development of leadership that shall enhance the identity and sharpening of talents in the areas of student government, student organization, campus publication, culture and sports.


Along with USeP's missions, the OSAS will provide developmental activities that will enhance the balanced development of the individual and to make him become an effective leader in his chosen career, imbued with nationalism and culture identity.



1. The received endorsement/certification of the internally-funded academic scholarships and other scholarships and grants from the Office of the University Registrar and other granting agencies/concerned offices will be reviewed then the final list of grantees shall be posted on the bulletin board of each college.

2.1. For internally-funded academic scholarships old grantees will proceed to OSAS for validation of scholarships, while newly endorsed/certified scholars shall fill up the Scholarship Data Form (FM-USeP-HSG-01) and the issuance of the scholar/grantee card known as the yellow card for validation.

2.2. For other scholarships and grants old grantees.

Old grantees under the other scholarship and grants will proceed to OSAS for verification of scholarships, while newly accepted scholars/grantees shall fill up the Scholarship Data Form (FM-USeP-HSG-01) and the issuance of the scholar/grantee card known as the blue card for validation.

3. The OSAS staff shall tag and validate the scholar/grantee in the USeP Scholarship Electronic System.


1. The Student Organization writes a letter of intent to OSAS duly signed by its President and adviser indicating submission of the required documents for recognition or re-accreditation of each student organization.

2.1. The Campus Club Organization (CCO) will evaluate the application and endorses the same to the Obrero Campus Student Council (OCSC). The OCSC likewise endorse the application to the OSAS.

2.2. The recognized organization shall submit its accomplishment report and audited Financial Statement which are based from the approved action plan within 30 calendar days before the end of the semester to the CCO for submission to the Commission on Audit.

2.3. The COA will fill-up the Accomplishment Report Finding Form (FM-USeP-ASO-03 and Audited Financial Statement Findings Form (FM-USeP-ASO-02) for evaluation. If an organization has discrepancies/findings the adviser must submit a letter bearing a CAPA to the OSAS within 7 working days.

3. The OSAS shall verify the endorsed documents, and issues Certificate of Recognition/Re-accreditation to the organization. The officers shall fill-up the Oath of Office Form (FM-USeP-ASO-01)) for the mass oath-taking for all recognized/re-accredited student organization which shall be conducted by the OSAS. If in case an organization did not meet the requirements, the certificate of recognition will be issued as soon as deficiencies are completed.


1. The complainant shall fill up the Student Complaint Form (FM-USeP-HSC-01) which specifies the acts or commissions constituting the misconduct. The accomplished complaint form must be subscribed to by the student/complainant including his/her parents or guardian before any officer authorized to administer an oath (notarized), which must forthwith be recorded in the OSAS Complaints Logbook kept for such purpose.

2. If the Director of the OSAS determines that the complaint is sufficient to warrant formal investigations, the Director then will give a copy of the complaint to each student/respondent, and his/her parent/guardian. The respondents in turn will be required to answer the charges in writing and under oath within three (3) school days from receipt of the complaint.

3. Upon the receipt of the respondent/s’ written sworn answer, the OSAS shall forward the records of the case to the Committee on Student Discipline (CSD) for the conduct of a formal investigation.

4. All parties concerned shall be notified of the time and date set for the hearing at least two (2) school days from receipt of the notice. A hearing shall begin not later than one (1) week after the respondent’s answer is received or after expiration of the period within which the student/respondent is supposed to file his answer.

5. At the conclusion of the formal investigation, the CSD shall submit a report containing a statement of the findings of the fact, conclusions and its recommendations. The report shall contain, in brief statement, the findings of the fact, conclusions and recommendations and the rules and regulations from which the decision is based.


1. Fill out the Student Labor (SL) Request Form (FM-USeP-MSL-01).

2. The OSAS approves the SL Request Form and coordinates with the Knowledge Management Services Division (KMSD) and colleges for posting in the USeP Portal and college bulletin boards.

3. Student applicants shall fill-up the Student Labor Application Form (FM-USeP-MSL-02).

4.1 The OSAS director will assess the applicant’s submitted documents based on the specified criteria and the Finance Director will certify that the funds are available therefor.

4.2 The VPAA/Chancellor/Dean approves the application.

5. The applicant will sign the approved SL Application Form and Contract (FM-USeP-MSL-02).

6. The OSAS conducts orientation to accepted applicants prior to deployment.

7. The OSAS monitors the SL attendance and performance monitoring logbook, Daily Time Record and accomplishment report (FM-USeP-MSL-03).


Processing of Student Travel Orders

Travel Orders are necessary to determine the destination of the official travel, the date of departure, the date of return, and the purpose of the travel.


Approved Letter from the President requesting travel (SUC President if the travel is outside Region XI or VP for Academic Affairs if the travel is within Region XI) 


1. Once the request letter is approved, the clerk has to estimate or check the flight schedules as well as other transportation necessary for the travel.

2. Then a Travel Order and Itinerary of Travel (format is provided) will be created. The data within these documents must be consulted with the finance department to know the permissible budget for the allowance.

a. The Budget for the ticket should be taken from the allotted budget for OSS located in the Annual   Procurement Plan 101 (Yearly budget allocation Plan).

3. After the approval of the accounting department, a final Travel Order and Itinerary of Travel is passed to the Office of the President addressed to:

  a. SUC President (if travel is outside Region XI)

  b. VP for Academic Affairs (if travel is within Region XI)

  c. O.I.C. of the extension office if the president is not around

4. When the Travel Order and Itinerary of Travel is approved. A cash advance is prepared. The following items are necessary for this.

  a. Budget Utilization Request (164) or Obligation Request (101) as indicated by the APP.

  b. Disbursement Voucher (format)

  c. Travel Order, I.T. (format)

  d. Approved Letter of Travel

5. All documents that are going to be submitted have to be photocopied for future use. A copy of the travel order with the control number has to be secured.

6. Then the documents are submitted to the Submit to Accounting/Finance Department. Processing of the documents will take about 3-5 days. If the travel is urgent, the staff could volunteer to collect all the necessary signatures for the travel.

Lastly, the budget is sent through the ATM for regular employees while a check is issued for contractual employees and students.

Processing of Student After Travel Report

After travel reports are necessary for the liquidation of all expenses for the trip/travel.


  a. Appendix 58 (format)

  - Signed by the participant

  - Signed by the VPAA

  - Signed by the Finance director

  b. Certification of Travel Completed (format)

  - Signed by the participant

  - Signed by the VPAA

  - Addressed to the president

  c. Travel Order (w/ the travel order number)

  d. Itinerary of Travel (w/ the control number)

  e. Certificate of Appearance/Certificate of Participation (photocopy)

  - With certified true copy stamp

  f.  Registration fee (original receipt)

  g. Reimbursement expense receipt (RER) for transportation without a ticket. i.e. taxi, tricycle.

  h. Airplane boarding pass (Original)

  i. Terminal fee

  j. Bus ticket

  k. After Travel Report (format)

  - Approved by the VPAA

  - Signed by the participant

  l. Excess money not spent during the travel needs to be refunded to the finance office.


  1. The staff will photocopy the documents to be submitted because the original copies   (tickets/receipts) are going to be submitted to the Finance Division.

  2. Then the documents are submitted to the Finance Division.

Conduct of Student Activities

Students are not allowed to participate or conduct any activities inside or outside the campus as representative of the University   without a written consent from the Office of Student Affairs and Services and the Vice President for Academic Affairs.

The submission for application to permit the student to attend on/off-campus activities must be submitted thirty (30) days before   the official date of the activity. The students are also not allowed to participate without the supervision of a faculty adviser.

  Before the request can be made, the staff has to check whether the student organization requesting for an academic student   related activity have been compliant with their Accomplishment Report and Financial Statements, also the student organization   has to be an accredited organization to be able to make such a request.

In-Campus Activities


  a. Letter request (template provided)

  b. Program of Activities

  c. Approved course syllabus

  d. Minutes of the meeting (highlighting on the agreed contribution)

  e. Excuse letter signed by the requesting subject teacher and acknowledged by the affected subject teachers.

Off-Campus Activities


   a. Letter request

   b. Itinerary of travel

   c. Program of Activities

   d. Approved course syllabus

   e. Minutes of the meeting (highlighting on the agreed contribution)

   f. Excuse letter signed by the requesting subject teacher and acknowledged by the affected subject teachers.

   g. Copy of the letter sent to the institution/company with acknowledgement or confirmation.

Student Requirements (ONLY for Off-Campus Activities)

h. Notarized Parent’s Consent

i. Medical Certificate

j. Signed Conditions For Outside USeP Campus

k. Insurance Certificate


  1. The staff will review if the requirement for the request is complete. He/she will then forward the request to the OSS Director for   reviewing and recommendation.

  2. Then the Office of Student Services will forward the request to the Vice President of Academic Affairs for approval.

  3. Activities within the campus must not go beyond curfew hours, however, if necessary, prior information to the University Clinic   and Security Office at least five (5) days before the event must be provided. No Sunday activity shall be allowed.

Request for Temporary Exemption From Wearing the School Uniform

There are cases wherein a student needs to apply to temporarily not wear the school uniform.   Such cases may be:

  1. If the student is pregnant
  2. Accident victims
  3. Cross-enrolled students



  1. ID
  2. Excuse letter addressed to the OSAS Director



  1. The staff will evaluate the excuse letter and issue a temporary exemption slip to the student.

  2. The transaction will be recorded in the logbook.

Signing of Student Clearance

For students who wish to transfer to another school or graduating students, a completed clearance form is necessary for the student to be allowed to request for certain documents like the transcript of records, honorable dismissal, certificate of grade, etc.


The clearance forms are available at the Office of the College Dean.


  Clearance paper with the following signatures:

  1. Class Treasurer
  2. Local Council
  3. OCSC (Obrero Campus Student Council)
  4. UGTO (University Guidance and Testing Office)
  5. Headlight
  6. Bookkeeper



  1. The staff will check the signatures in the clearance paper if the items mentioned above are complete. If it’s complete, the clearance will be signed.
  2. For graduating students and organization officers, their names must be checked in the system if there are any accountabilities left.
  3. The staff will open the clearance system application.
  4. Then enter the username and password which will be provided to authorized personnel.
  5. Once the clearance system is opened go to Files then open Student accountabilities.
  6. Under the hide filter look for Term and specify the term where the student was last enrolled in.
  7. A list of students will appear. If the student’s name is not present, their clearance will be signed. If their names are present, the student is advised to clear any accountabilities first   before their clearance is signed.