Offices Under OVPAd

Administrative Services Division

The University of Southeastern Philippines (USEP) became operational in 1979 integrating the four state institutions in the region: the Mindanao State University-Davao Branch (MSUDB), the University of the Philippines Master of Management Program in Davao (UPMMPD), the Davao School of Arts and Trades (DSAT) and the Davao National Regional Agricultural School (DNRAS).

Health Services Division

The University Health Service envisions itself to be the leader in health maintenance in providing basic health care to its all constituents by meeting the needs of each and every patient not only in the primary treatment of ailments and injuries but also in the prevention of illness through easy access of health care and education for each one in the realm of good health practices and behavior.

Finance Division

Managing and controlling the financial resources required to implement the policies and programs. This mandate includes providing analysis and advice to the management, and ensuring that financial and information resources are managed effectively, efficiently and economically.

Gender and Development Office

To provide a mechanism for catalyzing and accelerating gender mainstreaming in the University towards the promotion of gender equality and equity.

Human Resource Management Division

The Human Resource Development Division consists of three (3) units: (1) Personnel, (2) Training, and (3) Manpower and Career Planning. The office is under the Office of the President with the Vice President directly in-charge. The office is under the Office of the President with the Vice President directly in-charge. It has the following functions: (1) Identify people with potentials at the early age of their career; (2) Recruit competent, imaginative and well-qualified individuals; and (3) Encourage the growth of all personnel of the system; (4) Provide essential work assignments and fair incentives.


The Physical Development Division (PDD) of the University of Southeastern Philippines has the overall responsibility for the infrastructure projects of the University. It oversees the planning and implementation of physical facilities and ascertains that changes and improvements are in conformity with the mission and vision of the University. Specifically, the PDD is tasked to design, plan, and construct the physical facilities of the University, not only in Obrero Campus but also in the external campuses as well. It sees to it that physical facilities will enhance and support the academic goals of the University.


The Resource Management Division is mandated to generate income that would eventually fill the financial gap caused by challenging government subsidies. More so, such capability to support itself, albeit partly, is expected to lead to the attainment of fiscal autonomy and relative independence and the much-needed flexibility in fund administration, thus, facilitating support to augment resources for the improvement of infrastructure and other facilities, as well as personnel growth and development.