Health and Service Plans

PART I: Analysis

I. Current Performance

1. Daily consultation and treatment for client sectors of the University community in both medical and dental fields.

2. External Campus Visits to reach out to clients outside the Obrero Campus.

II. Existing Situation

1. Accessible and medical and dental consultation and treatment for all client sectors of the University.

2. Availability of Exercise machines for the maintenance of health for all client sectors.

3. Availability of medications and treatment for emergency situations.

III. Challenges/Priorities

1. Provide easy access to health consultation and treatment for all sectors in the University.

2. Create a healthy campus community favorable for teaching and learning.

3. Full implementation of RA 9006 of the Solid Waste Management that is beneficial for building a healthy environment free form toxic wastes and gases.

4. Full implementation of RA 9211 or the Anti-Smoking Act for the creation of a healthy environment free from smoke pollution and thereby preventing respiratory illness.

PART II: Strategic Plans and Actions

Within the next (3) three years the following are necessary to upgrade the health service facilities of the University Clinic in order to keep abreast with the development plan of the University as a whole:

I. Staff Development:

1. Compulsory updates/training of health service staff, (2) two designated representatives from each college or unit and ROTC medics  to undergo training in Cardiopulmonary resuscitation and rescue emergency operations in cooperation with the Davao City Rescue 911.

2. Staff training and advancements for the computerization of clinic records.

3. Seminars and lectures on costumer relation and proper work attitude/behavior.

II. Personnel Movement:

1. Hiring of part time nurses for each external campus.

2. Hiring of a Nursing aide or nursing assistant or medical clerk to assist the health personnel in their daily activities.

III. Facilities and Equipment

1. Procurement of a new and more advanced dental unit than the present one that has been in use for past 14 years.

2. Organization and implementation of the computerization of patient records of both the medical and dental sections.

3. Procurement of a vehicle for travel and for emergency exclusively for the University Health Service use only.

IV. Infrastructure

1. Expansion or extension of the patient’s room for the separation of male and female patient’s room.

2. Creation of an exercise room/gym to increase awareness of the benefit of exercise as maintenance of health for all University constituents including the students, faculty and staff.

3. Construction of a chapel where students can find comfort in prayer and meditation in times of emotional anxieties and other problems instead of resorting to other sources of comfort e.g drugs, alcohol, and sex.