How can your office help me finish my studies or achieve my goal as a student?

We will work hand in hand to deal with your particular concerns.

Can you give me some techniques and strategies on how to be a successful student?

Be clear about your goals in life. Have effective study habits, effective time management.Be in the company of good friends who can help you. Have an open communication with your teachers.

How can UGTO help the students regarding financial problems?

We can suggest some simple income generating activities, financial management sessions, budgeting, etc.

Can the office accommodate evening students during evening classes?

We can arrange flexible time for counselors to serve evening students. However, most classes are scheduled from 5-9pm without breaks. Hence, sometimes it is convenient for students to avail of our guidance/counseling services before their classes start.


September 3, 2015 8:05 am |FAQs