USeP hosts religious services, recognition program for Class of 2024

With inclusivity and respect for diverse cultures and religions playing an important role in the growth and sustainable development of the University community for over 45 years, USeP Obrero campus signaled the start of the celebration of accomplishments of the graduating Class of 2024 with a meaningful and diverse set of religious services on June 27, 2024, participated in by Faculty, graduating students, family, and friends.

These services provided the graduating class an opportunity to reflect on their academic journey in the University, express gratitude and appreciation to the support received, and seek blessings and guidance for their future endeavors.

The Baccalaureate Mass was held at the University Gymnasium and Cultural Center (UGCC) and officiated by Reverend Father Emmanuel Gonzaga. Simultaneously, an ecumenical service took place at the University Social Hall led by Reverend Emmie M. Cabanlit of the Jesus Heals Global Church.

By recognizing the importance of celebrating cultural and religious diversity in the University, a Muhadarah was hosted at the University Training Hall which catered to graduating Muslim students. The said ceremony was led by Sheik Abdurahman Caderao who is also the Director of the Madrasah Comprehensive Unit in Davao City. Moreover, the Pagsannar ka Madigar Kapang Ngaan ceremony took place at the College of Education Audio Visual Room, highlighting the vibrant traditions, rituals, and cultural practices of the Indigenous Peoples. This event underscored the University’s dedication to honoring and safeguarding the diverse cultural heritage of its students, ensuring their voices and traditions were celebrated. Matanem Reynante Talabon, a member of the Tagabawa tribe, officiated the ceremony.

With these spiritually filled events, the University put front and forward the importance of approaching celebrations holistically- that a supportive and inclusive environment transcends boundaries marked by diverse faiths and practices to come together to contemplate, honor, and receive blessings.

‘Be resilient. Honor your father and mother’- Dr. Gabales

After the celebration of faith and beliefs, the University then honored the hard work and perseverance of the graduating class of 2024 with a Recognition program at the UGCC. University President Dr. Bonifacio G. Gabales, Jr., delivered his opening remarks filled with enthusiasm and motivation towards the graduates.

“Graduating students, you have shown remarkable resilience and determination in the face of challenges. University life is not easy and with the high standard set by the USeP, you have pushed the boundaries and contributed to the vibrant academic community. You run, you walk, and you walk to get to the finish line, and with that, I am proud of you, the whole University is proud of you. Your achievements are a source of inspiration to us and to your peers,” Dr. Gabales said.

Moreover, President Gabales encouraged the students to look past and carry on despite the failures and problems that may come their way. “Remember, in the real world, life is not going to give you what you want. You have to work really hard for it. Abandon the sense of entitlement. If you want to achieve your dreams and goals, be ready to break down, be ready for disappointment, and be ready to fail. But at the end of all these, be resilient. You are in it for the long haul,” he added.

Dr. Gabales ended his opening remarks with a firm reminder of the importance of honoring the people who guided them. “Even as you become achievers and skilled professionals, continue to honor your parents. Honor your father and your mother, this is the first commandment with a promise — so that it may go well with you and that you may enjoy long life on the earth.”

The Recognition Program demonstrates USeP’s steadfast commitment to both academic and non-academic excellence. It provided a platform to recognize and honor the outstanding achievements, steadfast dedication, and significant successes of the graduating students during their tenure at the University.

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