About CEd

Reynaldo M. Nogodula
Dean, College of Education

It is my pleasure to welcome you to the College of Education at the University of Southeastern Philippines, Davao City.

May I invite you to explore this site and learn more about the college that prepares the next generation of world class professional educators. Here you will find a comprehensive listing of graduate and undergraduate programs which are all accredited by AACCUP with Level III and Level II status respectively.

The Commission on Higher Education has identified and recognized the College of Education as Center of Excellence (COE) for excellent performance in providing quality instruction, research and extension services in teacher Education. We strive hard to meet the challenges of sustaining this recognition.

Again, welcome and may you find this site useful and helpful in your search for quality education providers.

The College of Education of the University of Southeastern Philippines believes in total human development.

It aims to be a leading institution in developing educational leaders and quality teachers in all levels imbued with knowledge, skills and attitude instrumental to economic, cultural, social, political and spiritual development of the country.

It shall provide inexpensive education to poor but deserving students of Region XI and Mindanao.

To this end, the College of Education shall continuously engage in professional upgrading of its faculty and staff, provide adequate facilites, promote recreation and undertake community outreach programs and maintain local, national and international linkages .


The College of Education of the University of Southeastern Philippines envisions itself to be a globally competitive college, producing teachers and educational leaders with a culture of excellence.


Believing in total human development, the College of Education aims to develop educational leaders and quality teachers with desirable human values, knowledge, skills and attitudes necessary for the cultural, economic, social, political and spiritual development of man. It will also provide inexpensive and relevant educational programs to the economically disadvantaged but deserving students of Mindanao.


  • Scale-up the competencies of the faculty for Quality Instruction
  • To develop and implement a comprehensive and functional faculty development plan to provide opportunities for continuous training relevant to the needs of the teachers in
  • Pedagony
  • Specialization
  • Information Communication Technology
  • Instructional Leadership
  • To provide values for exchange of ideas among teachers through paper instructions paper presentations of position papers or proper idea.
  • To provide scholarship abroad both long-term trainings and courses.
  • Establish culture of excellence to produce world class graduates
  • To evaluate the curricular offerings for informed decisions.
  • To benchmark curricular offerings to international standards.
  • To develop instructional technologies that will integrate Information Communication Technology, experimental learning, multiculturalism, and diversity of the learning instruction.
  • To upgrade the admission standards.
  • To develop high quality syllabi, instructional materials, and assessment strategies.
  • To streamline competencies of all curricular offerings.
  • To develop new program relevant to the knowledge economy of the millennium.
  • Improve delivery of student services
  • To develop and implement a student development program relevant to them.
  • To provide venues for the healthy sports competitions and other extracurricular activities.
  • To seek scholarships grants from different agencies and civic organizations.
  • To improve the guidance counseling programs to assist the students for a successful college life.
  • To increase dental and medical services to improve their health and well being.
  • Build-up the research capacity and capability of the faculty
  • To provide continuous training or qualitative and quantitative research.
  • To provide adequate financial support for faculty research.
  • To arrange faculty work schedule to give time for research.
  • To source-out funds from other research agencies.
  • Install extension and community development programs
  • To develop and integrated community development program
  • Provide relevant training to the community suitable to their needs
  • Monitor program implementation
  • Evaluate the impact of program implementation
  • To develop an integral Adopt a School Program’
  • Provide relevant training to the community suitable to their needs using experimental and cooperative learning approach
  • Monitor program implementation
  • Evaluate the impact of the program
  • Follow-up the implementation of the program and assess the learning of the participants
  • Modernize and build pp state of the art infrastructure
  • To develop and implement a library development plan.
  • Acquire newly published books, subscribe educational journals and magazines
  • Update library system and book acquisitions, subscriptions, cataloguing, etc.
  • Develop a library development plan.
  • To develop a physical plant development plan
  • To improve and maintain the following facilities
  • Classrooms
  • Laboratories
  • Prayer room
  • Offices
  • Ventilation of classrooms
  • To develop a laboratory development plan
  • Upgrade laboratory facilities for subjects with laboratory component.
  • Maintain the existing laboratory facilities
  • Establish linkage with other laboratories in the province.

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