Faculty and Staff

Abina, Ivy Lyt S.
Program Head, MAT-Math & Coordinator, BSED Mathematics
ORCID No. 0000-0002-6156-2854
Arbiol, Jennifer M.
Director, University Assessment and Guidance Center
ORCID No.0000-0001-9686-3609
Badon, Benjie Q.
Program Head, BPEd /Coordinator, MED-EM /President, Faculty Club
ORCID No.0000-0002-3525-3281
Bejano, Jean L.
Program Head, BTLED & Coordinator, MED-ALS
ORCID No.0000-0002-7157-3063
Cabanlit, Emmie M.
Program Head, BEED & Coordinator, MEIL
ORCID No.0000-0002-2283-3869
Cenojas, Lilibeth A.
Faculty, Undergraduate/Graduate Programs
ORCID No.0000-0000-0000-0000
Dequito, Jennifer P.
Faculty, Undergraduate/Graduate Programs
ORCID No.0000-0002-5710-480X
Francia, Geraldine E.
Program Head, MAST-Bio/Physics & Coordinator, BSED Science
ORCID No.0000-0003-4987-9223
Gayotin, Florence Jean P.
Faculty, Undergraduate Programs
ORCID No.0000-0002-5129-557X
Guerra, Florence H.
Coordinator, BSEd-Filipino
ORCID No.0000-0000-0000-0000
Kiel, Yvonne M.
Head, Research Office & Knowledge and Technology Transfer
ORCID No.0000-0003-1707-2935
Lulab, Lindy C.
Program Head,BTVTEd/Coordinator,Practicum/OJT
ORCID No.0000-0001-8339-6220
Nogodula, Reynaldo M.
ORCID No.0000-0002-4654-8296
Tabile, Sharon R.
Faculty, Undergraduate/Graduate Programs
ORCID No. 0000-0000-0000-0000
Almasa, Raquel D.
Associate Dean/Graduate School Head /MEd-ECE Coordinator
ORCID No. 0000-0002-4737-8858
Aquino, Marriez T.
Deputy Director, Program Assessment, Certification and Accreditation Unit
ORCID No.0000-0001-7661-7873
Bagtilay, Juanita C.
In-Charge, TLE/HE Laboratory Custodian
ORCID No.0000-0002-6855-4793
Bonocan, Fedelis C.
Deputy Director, OUR Admissions Unit
ORCID No.0000-0003-1553-0242
Calamba, Dante O.
Adviser, Local Council & Student Internship Committee
ORCID No.0000-0001-7287-8136
Chaonui, Maria Lila Y.
Faculty, Undergraduate Programs
ORCID No.0000-0001-9246-6550
De Vera, Arlene A.
Deputy Director, OSAS Cultural Affairs
ORCID No.0000-0001-6150-9837
Gabales, Bonifacio Jr. G.
Vice President for Academic Affairs
ORCID No.0000-0003-3029-6335
Gementiza, Elena B.
Coordinator,Physical Education
ORCID No.0000-0002-4556-2002
Gura, Elisa Mae O.
Psychometrician,University Assessment and Guidance Center
ORCID No.0000-0002-2995-150X
Labad, Velma S.
Program Head, BSED & Coordinator, MED-LT
ORCID No.0000-0003-4343-4610
Mancao, Pearl Ann M.
Adviser, Pangkat Silayan Dance Company
ORCID No.0000-0002-3306-6992
Rivera, Jose Alther M.
Director, Office of the Student Affairs and Services (OSAS)
ORCID No.0002-4803-3508-3798
Vergara, Lanie P.
Faculty, Undergraduate Programs
ORCID No.0000-0001-8411-8185
De Pedro, Arlyn A.
Staff, Undergraduate Program / Lab School
Alpas, Cynthia S.
Faculty, Undergraduate/Graduate Programs
ORCID No.0000-0000-0000-0000
Bajador, Wendelyn C.
Head, CEd-Extension
ORCID No.0000-0003-2999-1525
Cabajes, Angelie V.
Faculty, Undergraduate Programs
ORCID No.0000-0003-2257-3873
Callaman, Roar A.
Coordinator, Learning Management System
ORCID No.0000-0002-5027-3571
Deluao, Joe Vincent B.
Coordinator,5S (ISO) Implementation, Planning and Development/Facility Maintenance
ORCID No.0000-0001-6620-9294
Encabo, Henry C.
Director, Quality Assurance Division
ORCID No.0000-0002-4287-9864
Gamao, Ruchela P.
Guidance Counselor, University Assessment and Guidance Center
ORCID No.0000-0002-1418-618X
Gepigon, Josephine C.
Faculty, Undergraduate Programs
ORCID No.0000-0002-1180-0543
Hernandez, Richel F.
Officer-in-Charge, International Affairs Division
ORCID No.0000-0002-3184-8691
Llanto, Mariche C.
Head, Quality Assurance
ORCID No.0000-0003-3752-5874
Neri, Marivic N.
Deputy Director, OSAS Scholarships Unit & Deputy Director, OCAD Focal Person
ORCID No.0000-0003-1894-4491
Serrano, Ruby A.
Coordinator,Public Affairs Division (PAD) & Coordinator,Gender and Development (GAD)
ORCID No.0000-0003-4356-6648
Villarente, Susan Vicente D.
Coordinator, MEd-SPEd/Students & Alumni Affairs
ORCID No.0000-0002-0938-4878
Zerrudo, Adora P.
Deputy Director, Teacher Training and Research Center & Program Head, BECED /Coordinator, MED-SPED
ORCID No.0000-0003-3604-5721
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