SUC Fair 2023: Sarrah Mae Priagola Snatches Second Place in Technology and Innovation Pitching

“SECOND PLACE”: Sarrah Mae Priagola on Fires 2023 Technology and Innovation Pitching

PHOTO: USeP Website

The University of Southeastern Philippines (USeP) participated in the State Universities and Colleges (SUC) Fair 2023 with the theme Navigating the Global Landscape through Innovations, Cultural & Arts Preservation, and Higher Education Quality on July 10–13 at SM City Iloilo, Philippines.

The West Visayas State University (WVSU) hosted the annual SUC Fair from July 10–13, 2023, at SM City, Iloilo. This spectacular event was created by the Commission on Higher Education (CHED) and enthusiastically participated in by the University of Southeastern Philippines (USeP). The SUC Fair, organized by CHED, provides a venue for celebrating the vital contributions made by national stakeholders to improve higher education, research, and development. This year, it was the center of attention as part of the commemoration of the CHED’s 29th Anniversary and the third National Higher Education Day, with a particular emphasis on strategies for navigating the global environment through innovations, cultural and artistic preservation, and higher education quality.


Sarrah Mae Priagola presented and won Second Place in the Technology and Innovation Pitching, showcasing her brilliant innovation, Brailliance. Also, the University, through her innovation, was awarded the Special Award for Best Educational Product.

Priagola is an ambassadress for learners with additional needs. She believes that people with special needs may have different ways of communicating than other people, but we all have the same rights: to belong and to be loved. She is committed and passionate, especially about reaching and teaching children with special needs. She also believes that others’ happiness is the reward for the hard work she has put in.


USeP Bags Awards in SUC Fair 2023; Priagola Snatches Second Place in Technology and Innovation Pitching

USeP participates in the SUC Fair 2023