OVPRDE conducts orientation on RDE policies, processes, operations

February 19, 2024— To enhance the efficiency of operations for the attainment of the University vision, the Office of the Vice President for Research, Development, and Extension (OVPRDE) conducted a comprehensive orientation on policies and processes encompassing the Research, Development, and Extension (RDE) operations to RDE constituents, at the University Hostel Training Hall, USeP Obrero Campus.

The orientation aims to streamline management processes, improve productivity, and discuss the objectives of RDE by delving into the existing protocols and framework of respective OVPRDE divisions. Moreover, the orientation helped cascade critical information not only to the division but also to its units and the colleges/schools in accomplishing the deliverables.

Dr. Roger C. Montepio, USeP VPRDE, inaugurated the event by emphasizing the role of RDE in advancing the goals of the University toward contributing to knowledge creation, innovations, and community development.

The meeting further facilitated open fora wherein key participants, including the Directors, Deputy Directors, Research Center Managers, Extension Heads, College/School Deans, and support staff personnel under Research and Development Division (RDD), Extension Division, Knowledge Transfer and Technology Division (KTTD), and various academic units, sought clarifications on the processes and engaged in dialogues about potential avenues for resolving challenges.

Meanwhile, University President, Dr. Bonifacio G. Gabales, Jr., also addressed a message reinforcing the constituents’ commitment to supporting research and extension program initiatives. The continuous achievement of RDE targets was underscored as crucial for upcoming accreditations, potentially elevating the institution’s academic reputation.

The OPVRDE remains optimistic with its commitment to fostering a culture of excellence in research, development, and extension and contributing meaningfully to the success of the University.