About Supply Office

Supply Management Unit Head

The Supply Management Unit, with the participation of the different offices of the university, aims to be excellent in its services. It aspires to be model of efficiency in implementation of its functions. Guided by the university’s core values, the Supply Management Unit committed to facilitate fair and efficient in the implementation of its functions. It aims to employ competent and innovative method to assure quality of goods/supplies/equipment procured by the university. Lastly, the unit aims to achieve the highest standard of service and continuously seeks for improvement.

The Supply Management Unit operates under the Administrative Service Department. It is located at the Ground Floor of College of Arts and Sciences (CAS) building. The office has the following primary functions:

  • Facilitate Inspection and Acceptance of purchased supplies/goods/equipment/property of the university.
  • Expedite the distribution/issuance of supplies to offices/end-users/requesting personnel.
  • Conduct evaluation of suppliers of supplies/goods/equipment/property.
  • Implement proper disposal of equipment/property.
  • Conduct annual physical count on equipment/property