The University of Southeastern Philippines School of Law is the brainchild of a thorough study that aimed to establish the very first state-run law school in Davao region.

Officially opened in 2019, the 172-unit School of Law aims to provide a novel approach in providing quality yet affordable education. The Juris Doctor (JD) Degree is designed to provide the students an avenue to grow holistically by becoming one with the less-privileged.

In line with USeP’s vision of becoming the premiere research university in the ASEAN, our JD program includes a thesis course which we hope to be translated into local and national policies. As a State University, it is fitting that an internship in government agencies or non-government organizations is added in the program to give students an opportunity to practice what they have learned in class.

Atty. Jesus Agora Villardo III

Greetings of peace!

It is with great pleasure that I welcome you to the School of Law, the first state-run School of Law in the Davao Region.

A neophyte in the arena of Legal Education, together with our competent educators, it is our mission to produce lawyers who are conflict-transformative and conflict-sensitive.

In line with USeP’s core values – unity, stewardship, excellence, and professionalism - we imagine our granduands to be champions of the poor, the oppressed, and the marginalized whilst adept in using the law as a tool for peace-building & problem solving.

The USeP School of Law aims to be in the forefront of the standards in legal education by providing a different approach in learning and unlearning. Our Juris Doctor Program takes on the outcomes-based framework and includes a thesis that would eventually feed in to government agencies or to local or national congress to become a policy. Moreover, our Law program includes an internship to afford a contextualized legal education.

I hope that as you browse through the contents in this website, you’d know that there are so many things we can offer. Journey with us in our growth as a community.

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