Academic Programs

Bachelor of Science in Business Administration Specializing in Financial Management

The program prepares the graduates for various careers in financial management as well as in related fields, including but not limited to, corporate finance, investment management, banking, credit, trust operations, insurance, foreign currency markets, money markets, capital markets, and other financial securities markets. The curriculum provides the graduates with knowledge on financial institutions and technical skills based on established financial theories, methodologies, and various analytical tools. It also provides an outlook that is based primarily on ethics, market integrity, regulations, good governance and competitive global perspective, necessary for effective financial decision making. (CMO 17 s 2017)

BSBA Financial Management Prospectus

Bachelor of Science in Hospitality Management

The Bachelor of Science in Hospitality Management prepares students to be successful hoteliers and restaurateurs in their local industry, the ASEAN region, and in global setting. This is achieved by instilling in them the necessary knowledge, skills, and attitudes needed to achieve industry standards. The BSHM program professionally trains and equips students with competencies that are needed to execute tasks on food production and accommodation operations and food–beverage service operations. The program prepares them to become highly competent hospitality management practitioners serving their constituents and those in allied professions while demonstrating high ethical and moral standards and the utmost in technical competence.

Specializing in Culinary Arts Management Prospectus

Specializing in Hotel Administration Prospecctus

Bachelor of Science in Entrepreneurship

Many entrepreneurs have achieved great success without the benefit of formal training. However, for every successful new business that we  

see, there are many more failed ventures that we never hear about. Through its combination of classroom training and experiential learning, the BS Entrepreneurship program will help aspiring entrepreneurs acquire the skills, values and attitudes that will increase their chances of success (CHED CMO No. 18, Series 2017)

BS Entrepreneurship Prospectus

Bachelor of Science in Accountancy

This is a program that provides general accounting education to students wanting to pursue a professional career in Accountancy in general and in Public Accounting in particular. Further, this is the program that complies with the latest competency framework for professional accountants issued by the International Federation of Accountants (IFAC) though their International Education Standards. Thus, this qualifies the graduate of this program to take assessments leading to certifications in Accountancy given by the Professional Regulation Commission - Board of Accountancy (PRC-BOA) and other global professional Accountancy professions (CMO-27-s-2017)

BS Accountancy Prospectus

Doctor of Philosophy

The Doctor of Philosophy program is an intensive research program that equips business educators and professionals to produce scholarly works that advance and disseminate knowledge in different fields of business.

Specializing in Organization Studies

Specializing in Business Administration


Doctor of Philosophy Prospectus


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