About CBA

The College of Business Administration (CBA) delivers programs responsive to the dynamic business environment through its community of experts to produce highly-skilled and socially-responsible professionals.

Dean, College of Business Administration

It is with great pleasure to welcome you to the University of Southeastern
Philippines- College of Business Administration (USeP-CBA). I am humbled and
honoured to lead again this vibrant academic unit of dedicated individuals who are
passionate about fostering excellence in business education.

Here in CBA, we are committed to providing an enriching and transformative learning
experience that equips our students with the skills and knowledge needed to thrive in
this dynamic and competitive business landscape. Our academics are experts in
their fields, and are dedicated to inspiring and guiding our students to reach their
fullest potential. Together, we and your real-world training will prepare you on a
pathway to success!

Here in USeP-CBA, we build dreams without limits!

Dean, College of Business Administration


The College of Business Administration (CBA) has a long and rich history – from its principal name of “School of Governance Management” to its merger and demerger with the College of Applied Economics, formerly School of Applied Economics, and the College of Development Management.

Today, the College offers three (3) graduate and four (4) undergraduate programs, including eMBA.

Undergraduate Programs:

Bachelor of Science in Accountancy

Bachelor of Science in Business Administration

               specializing in Financial Management

Bachelor of Science in Entrepreneurship

Bachelor of Science in Hospitality Management

               specializing in Culinary Arts Management

               specializing in Hotel Administration

Graduate Programs:

Master of Business Administration

              specializing in Corporate Management

              specializing in Enterprise Management

              specializing in Agribusiness Management

              specializing in Cooperative Management

              specializing in Hospitality Management

              specializing in State Enterprise Management


              specializing in Enterprise Management

Doctor of Philosophy

              specializing in Organization Studies

              specializing in Business Administration

To produce business educators and entrepreneurial managers through responsive curriculum, advanced technology, relevant research and extension, and conducive learning spaces delivered by competent faculty with industry experiences.