USeP CEd holds international lecture series on Educational Leadership

The College of Education (CEd) of the University of Southeastern Philippines (USeP) conducted an International Lecture Series 1 titled “Global Educational Leadership in the Context of Technology – Driven Education” via Zoom and Facebook Live last November 25, 2023.

Two hundred sixty-six (266) participants joined via Zoom and more than 1,100 via Facebook Live. The participants came from private and public organizations and institutions from the Philippines and neighboring countries in Asia, such as Taiwan, Myanmar, and Malaysia.

In her opening address, CEd Dean Dr. Raquel D. Almasa emphasized the importance of collaborating with educational leaders to gain insight and experience from different leadership and technological innovation perspectives. Invited lecturers were Dr. Luis Miguel Cardoso of the Polytechnic Institute of Portalegre, Portugal, and Dr. Chin Chee Keong of the Institute of Teacher Education, Malaysia. Dr. Cardoso underscored the importance of understanding New Horizons for Education and Technology in the 21st century. Meanwhile, Dr. Keong discussed Instructional Leadership Experiences in Technology-Enhanced Education Transformation from the Trenches.

Dr. Luis Cardoso explored “Education Technology: New Horizons for the 21st Century” and underscored the benefits of integrating technology and online resources such as AI-enabled learning, e-learning, gamified learning, VR-based, and AR-based learning. He emphasized the importance of incorporating these tools in classrooms to enhance knowledge acquisition, positioning it as the fundamental cornerstone of education. The connection between knowledge and technology and the integration of knowledge, skills, literacy, values, and principles in technology were elucidated to foster the development of proficient professionals and globally aware citizens, aligning with the demands of the international labor market. Dr. Chin Chee Keong delved into “From the Trenches: Sharing Instructional Leadership Experiences in Technology-Enhanced Education Transformation.”

Dr. Keong advocated for school leaders to assume the role of instructional leaders, offering support and guidance to uphold established teaching best practices. Stressing the collaborative partnership between school leaders and teachers, he underscored their commitment to improving student learning. Utilizing online platforms and forums emerged as practical tools for identifying gaps in school and student learning outcomes, fostering continuous enhancement in education.

In her closing remarks, Dr. Emmie M. Cabanlit, MAED-ELM Program Head, thanked the participants and recognized the brilliant minds of the speakers. The participants were thankful for the opportunity to listen to experts from other countries and expressed appreciation for how informative and relevant the lecture was to today’s education.

The international lecture was facilitated by graduate students of the Master of Arts in Education, major in Educational Leadership and Management program, as one of the activities of the Educational Leadership class under the guidance of Dr. Randy A. Tudy, MAEd-ELM professor.

By Maria Cecile C. Celis, Donald Jake U. Lopez, and Gabrielle S. Sapero