USeP submits research proposals to Teacher Education Council


The University of Southeastern Philippines (USeP) submitted four (4) research proposals during the Inspire, Prepare, and Elevate Teacher Education (INSPIRE): Research Phase II Workshop sponsored by the Teacher Education Council (TEC) last November 28-30, 2023, at Y2 Residences, Makati City.

Nineteen (19) Teacher Education Institutions (TEI) participated in the workshop that generated 13 proposals. USeP was the lead TEI and a collaborating TEI to the other three (3) submitted proposals.

The first proposal, with USeP as the lead TEI, titled “Revisiting the Cascade Model and Professional Development Opportunities: Policy-Recommendations for Effective In-Service Teacher Education,” was presented by Associate Professor Henry Encabo. The collaborating TEIs for this proposal were Palawan State University and Cebu Technological University.

Led by the University of the Philippines, USeP was a collaborating SUC for the proposal titled “The Philippine Perspective: International Successful School Principals Project (ISSSPP)” with Cebu Normal University, Palawan State University, Pangasinan State University, and Central Luzon State University.

The proposal, titled “Comparative Analysis of Retention Strategies in Teacher Education (EduCARES) Toward Framework Development,” was led by Mariano Marcos State University. The collaborating TEIs were USeP, Pangasinan State University, and Cebu Technical University.

The fourth proposal, titled “Admission Policies of Teacher Education Institutions in the Philippines: leading Towards Policy Framework Development,” was led by the Pangasinan State University with other collaborating TEIs, namely, USeP, Cebu Technological University, Palawan State University, and Mariano Marcos State University.

The research team from the USeP College of Education (CEd) was composed of Dr. Bonifacio G. Gabales Jr., Assoc. Prof. Henry C. Encabo, Dr. Raquel D. Almasa, Dr. Reynaldo M. Nogodula, Dr. Adora P. Zerrudo, Ms. Abigail A. Navales, and Dr. Randy A. Tudy.   The team hopes TEC will accept all the proposals and expects the projects to commence in the first quarter of 2024. TEC will use the results of the studies for policy recommendations related to enhancing the quality of teacher education programs in the Philippines.

This is a testament to USeP CEd’s commitment to advancing collaborative research in the field of education and shaping the future of education in the Philippines and beyond.