Hytec Personnel Trains Technology Instructors

In becoming globally competitive, universities, colleges, schools and institutes are aiming to meet international standards. New technologies have been upgraded – reason why Academe Industry cooperation is necessary. It is important for the faculty to enhance their competencies in order to achieve the goals of the College and University, particularly, in producing technology graduates with marketable skills potentials for growth to address the manpower needs of business and industries. In making these things possible, the University of Southeastern Philippines (USeP) – College of Technology (CT) collaborates with the Philippine Association of Colleges and Universities of Industrial Technology (PACUIT) Inc. and the Hytec Power Inc. in conducting the three-day National Skills Training. One of the trainings conducted is the Application of Ladder Programming and Human Machine Interface to Modular Production training facilitated by Engr. Armando B. Tomas (Technical Training and Specialist Manager of Hytec Power Inc.) and Mr. Ross Mel Lingon (Specialist of Hytec Power Inc.), the training focused on the disciplines that covered in Mechatronics such as Computer Aided Design (CAD) Modeling, Pneumatics, Sensor Technology, Electro-pneumatics Technology, Programmable logic control and Power Electronics. The participants performed Pneumatic Circuitry, Sensors, PLC Programming, System Integration, Modular Production System and Sensor application. These topics are useful in developing, servicing and maintaining Automated Systems. Another training is on the Electrical, Electronics & Digital Logic led by Engr. Leandro A. Castillo (Product Specialist – ECE and CpE of Hytec Power Inc.).


It covers the Digital Electronics, Basic Electronics, Basic Electrical, Modern Digital Design, Usage of Hardware Description Language, Computer Structure, Arithmetic & Logic Unit, Combination and Sequential Circuit. These technologies are practically useful in modern way of designing, digital circuit, structures and architecture of computer and Implementation of digital design to modern design. Moreover, Mr. Sherwin P. Tabarangao (Robotics Product Specialist of Hytec Power Inc.) provided significant inputs in the field of Robotics. Participants were trained to identify the classification, familiarization, assembly of sensing car robot, programming the same using of Logic Program and C programming. Robotics is widely used in the industry, manufacturing, bottling plants, military, robot car, 3D painter, humanoid robot, and instructional robot. While in the Automation Studio Training, Engr. Juencio A. Villanueva Jr. (Specialist of Hytec Power Inc.) presented the Basic Application of Pneumatic and Electro Pneumatics, Programmable Logic Controller, 2D-3D Computer Aided Design (CAD), Human Machine Interface & Control Panels, Client -Server and Mechatronics & Automations. It is mostly applied and useful in manufacturing and industrial automation. According to Mr. Tabarangao, this Academe-Industry cooperation is significant, since it will help the University to boost the quality of education especially in the field of Technology. Having these skills trainings will help the teachers to explore and become updated with the new technologies as they impart learning to their students. Hence, competent teachers produce world class graduates and job-ready professionals.

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