Ms. Aida T. Fedee
MBA – Major in Corporate Management Batch 2012
"I am very grateful I graduated my MBA major in Corporate Management at USeP, class 2012 through the Expanded Tertiary Education Equivalency and Accreditation Program (ETEEAP). The program gave me access to further education in USeP by recognizing and giving credits to my proficiency, qualifications, and thorough knowledge in my field of expertise. My dealings with competent professors in USeP were remarkable. Through ETEEAP, becoming a full-fledged MBA was achievable and balancing the program with full time work was doable."
Mr. George Calvin Basa
MBA-Major in Corporate Management Batch 2009
“My experience with USEP-ETEEAP taught me three things. First, I learned that pursuing a degree like MBA in USEP is now possible even one is no longer able to attend the regular classroom sessions in the university. The second thing I learned is in ETEEAP management experience and actual hands-on learning are crucial for one to pass the comprehensive examinations. The panel members dwelt more on the practical application of the subjects and the principles that give rise to actual business conditions. To me this speaks of their intellectual maturity which is a strategic fit for ETEEAP. Finally, in ETEEAP I learned that professors are effective through the presence of their absence. This pertains to the professors of ETEEAP who facilitated my learning despite their physical absence. We did not have to meet regularly, but through the use of electronic mail and SMS we were able to cover a wide area of subject matter. Communication between me and my advisor took place 24/7 such that our virtual learning sessions knew no constraints. With these I sincerely thank the people who conceptualized this very revolutionary type of program which is beneficial to many Filipinos who desire to finish higher studies but are restrained from doing so because they are no longer able to attend classes. I also thank the professors of USEP who are currently involved in ETEEAP for their interest and commitment to sustain the project.”