About OLA

Pursuant to Special Order No. 141 series of 2019, the Office of Legal Affairs (OLA) has been activated with the mandate of providing opinions, advices, and legal guidance to all concerns that pertains to the operation of the University.

The OLA shall perform the following functions under the direct supervision of the Office of the University President:

Prepare draft of opinion, memoranda, advice, general agreements and contracts on matters and queries referred for action relative to the operation of the University.
Evaluate and review legal documents.
Conduct preliminary study of matters submitted to the Office of the President arising from infractions of University Policies, Civil Service Commission promulgated laws, and National Government Policies, committed by the student, faculty and staff of the University.
Conduct legal research and preliminary investigation on administrative cases to ensure administrative due process.
Conduct arbitration and mediation services for opposing parties pursuant to Civil Service Commission rules and regulations, and using conflict sensitive and conflict transformative processes.
Assist all committees that are constituted to conduct fact-finding, preliminary investigation and formal investigations on complaints and cases that are lodge with the University.

The Office of Legal Affairs shall:

1. Provide opinions, advices, and legal guidance to matters that pertain to the operation of the University.
2. Assist various offices in reviewing and evaluating documents i.e. MoAs, MoUs, Contracts, Pleadings, Orders, and the likes;
3. Advise processes and work with University functionaries to ensure compliance with the standards of administrative due process;
4. Facilitates assistance from the Office of the Solicitor General (OSG), and other National Agencies, to advance USeP’s interests.