CAS launches the Research and Development Center for Arts and Sciences (RDCAS) during USeP’s first IGP Summit

The College of Arts and Sciences launches the Research and Development Center for Arts and Sciences (RDCAS) last May 15, 2023, at USeP Gymnasium & Cultural Center (UGCC), Obrero Campus, Davao City. Asst. Prof. Judee N. Nogodula, Center Manager of RDCAS, along with the faculty of CAS, promoted the center to prospect stakeholders and visitors during the university’s first IGP summit. The goal of the program is to be a prominent partner as a center of Arts and Sciences in the region that will address and provide solutions to societal problems and climate change issues. The said program is also committed to providing environmental conservation and management, natural product development, moral recovery, psychosocial interventions, empowering cultural heritage, mentorship across disciplines in technology, knowledge transfer, and commercialization.

RDCAS was launched among many other research centers in the university during the IGP Summit 2023, themed “Maximizing University Income: Unlocking the Power of Innovative IGP Strategies and Partnerships”. The program is a collaboration among the Resource Management Division (RMD), Research and Development, Extension (RDE) Divisions, and the Advancing Great Ideas Laboratory (AGILab).

The university’s IncoMe Generating Project (IGP) aims to generate financial sustainability, growth, and research. It fosters entrepreneurship, innovation, and partnership in the university contributing to the development of research and academic excellence. Part of the summit and goal of the Income Generating Project (IGP) is to develop research through launching research centers and services. Dr. Shirley S. Villanueva, USeP Vice President for Research, Development and Extension (RDE), emphasized the significance of Research Centers and its contribution to the development of the university, its stakeholders, the community, and the society as a hub for building partnership in the commercialization of research and development.

RDCAS seeks to become the center for research, development, and extension (RDE) by providing a wide range of services and expertise such as Biodiversity, Development of Natural Products, Experimental Design, Survey Sampling, Development of Natural Products, Cultural Heritage and Language Documentation, Human and Social Development, Graph Theory, Mathematical Modeling, and Statistical Modeling. The RDCAS, serving as a top research development center for providing innovative approaches and engaging in research on Science, Mathematics, Statistics, Literature, and Language, makes a significant contribution to societal development and mitigation of climate change. Through offering various services, it fosters sustainable development for the university, community, and society.


Words by: Fel V. de Jesus, CAS Public Affairs Division/Gender and Development Intern