CIC Conducts Student Orientation for A.Y. 2021-20222

Freshman orientation is a process that makes incoming students feel better prepared about going to college. Not only that they will have the opportunity to make new friends, but they will also learn about various campus activities before the semester even starts. Equally as important for both parents and students – including transfer students – college orientation serves as a powerful guide for what’s to come, what to expect, and how to make the most of these next four years.

The goal of this freshmen orientation are the following:
1. Introduce freshmen students to college services that will support their educational and personal goals (ex. library, information technology, academic and student services departments).
2. Familiarize students with the college environment and physical facilities.
3. Create an atmosphere that minimizes anxiety promotes positive attitudes and stimulates excitement for learning.
4. Provide a welcoming atmosphere for students and to meet faculty, staff, and continuing students, as well as other new students.
5. Provide the new students more comprehensive information about the academic and student service resources and programs

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