Promoting a healthy ecosystem of research and development: Synergy in collaborations

March 5, 2021 — On its quest to excel in research and development, the College of Information and Computing conducted its Research Proposal Writeshop and College In-house Review to equip the faculty and non-teaching staff in writing high-quality scholarly papers. This activity was conducted by CIC last March 3-4, 2021 in an online environment and was participated in by 19 faculty members with one non-teaching staff. The two-day training was designed to prepare the faculty researchers in crafting research proposals for internal and external grants. This was made successful with the resource speaker’s expertise, Dr. Dave E. Marcial, Director of Silliman Online University Learning, as he is also a prominent researcher in computing research.

As part of the exercise, the junior researchers were partnered with the senior researchers for mentoring and guidance. This exercise helped the faculty improve the proposals’ quality, present them confidently, and packaging them for publication. As Randy Gamboa stated in his opening remarks, “Our University (USeP) aims to achieve five comprehensive goals and central to this aspiration is the vision of our University to become a premier research university in the ASEAN. A research university which is not only committed to teaching and learning but values and promotes entrepreneurial drive and innovative culture.” This statement served as the college’s driving force to target 100% faculty engagement in research and development and promote a healthy research ecosystem.

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