Mango Imported and Sustainable Value Chains for Mango Production in the Philippines and Australia Lasquites, J. J. Php 2,891,928.00/ ACIAR
Development of Pre and Post Harvest Tools and facilities for Mango Production in Region XI Montepio, R., Rafosala, B. Php 4,620,421.00/ DOST-PCAARRD
Papaya Sustainable Nutrient Management Strategies for Papaya Production in Southern and Australia Ugay, V. Php 2,264,925.00/ ACIAR
Pummelo Yield and Quality Improvement of Pummelo thru Science and Technology Fernandez, A., Acere, L. Php 1,200,000.00/ CHED-COD
Disaster Management Regional Disaster Science and Management S & T Capacity Development De vera, A. Php 14,457,656.00/ DOST-PCIEERD
Fusarium Adaptability Trial of 4 Promising GCTV Somaciones against Fusarium wilt Gervacio, T. Php 1,718,488.00/ DOST-PCAARRD
Development of Biological Control Strategies against Foc Tropical Race 4 (TR4) Diono, B. Php 8,435,344.00/ DOST-PCAARRD
Assessment and Distribution of Fusarium Wilt Incidence in Mindanao Ugay, V. Php 15,273,021.00/ DOST-PCAARRD
Gene Bank Expanding the Tropical Fruit Industry to reduce poverty and mitigate climate change in region XI Antipolo, S. B. Php 5,862,000.00/ CHED
Techno Transfer Impact assessment of PCAARRD’s S & T Based Farm (STBF) Technology Transfer Modality in Region XI Dr. Purisima G. Bayacag Php 1,450,291.00/ PCAARRD-GIA
Speciation of Lead in APEX Gold Mine Operation in Masara, Compostella Valley Dr. Carmelita P. Martinez Php 562,600.00 / APC
February 3, 2016 2:46 am |Major Research