USeP grads lead new Electronics Engineers and Technicians

The University of Southeastern Philippines (USeP) Obrero Campus is indeed the home of champions.

David XYZ Temple Callena and Alyssa Mayette Cobol Caraang, both graduates of the College of Engineering (CoE) of the University of Southeastern Philippines (USeP)- Obrero Campus, bagged the coveted first and tenth spot among the 710 out of 1,484 successful takers in the October 2021 Electronics Engineering Licensure Examinations (ECELE), respectively.

The University performed an outstanding 100% passing rate from 11 first time takers and an overall passing rate of 88.89% against the national passing rate of 47.84%

Callena also ranked second among the 738 out of 974 passers of the October 2021 Electronics Technician Licensure Examination (ECTLE) and 88.89% passing rate from 8 out of 9 successful first-time takers against the national passing rate of 75.77%.

Successful examinees for the ECELE from the College of Engineering are as follows:
1. Ajero, Jan Michael
2. Buniel, Albert Jade
3. Callena, David Xyz (Top 1)
4. Caraang, Alyssa Mayette (Top 10)
5. Casinillo, John Keneth
6. Cornelio, Ray Jhunn James
7. Cornelio, Rhynnyll F.
8. Denorte, Von Patrick
9. Gamana, Laurence Baldon
10. Garcia, Patrick Soriano
11. Larang, Donna
12. Miones, Evander
13. Miscreola, Precious Faith
14. Narsolis, Danah Mae
15. Ucab, Richard Michael Medilo
16. Villasencio, Ket Justine

Successful examinees for the ECTLE from the Collge of Engineering are as follows:
1. Buniel, Albert Jade
2. Callena, David Xyz (Top 1)
3. Caraang, Alyssa Mayette (Top 10)
4. Cornelio, Rhynnyll F.
5. Denorte, Von Patrick
6. Larang, Donna
7. Narsolis, Danah Mae
8. Ucab, Richard Michael Medilo

For the full results of the examination, visit this link: