CARS Conducts In-house Review of Faculty-Student Research Projects

In celebration of academic excellence and fostering a culture of research, the College of Agriculture and Related Sciences (CARS) conducted an In-house Review of Completed Faculty-Student Researches last June 20, 2023, at the Agricultural Research Technology and Innovation Center (ARTIC), USeP Tagum-Mabini Campus, Mabini Unit, Davao de Oro. The presentation of research projects is one of the approaches to determine the quality of researches conducted in line with the University’s RDE agenda and to disseminate relevant information derived from the studies.

A total of six (6) graduate and six (6) undergraduate students presented their theses and were evaluated by a panel of evaluators, namely Dr. Roger C. Montepio, Prof. VI of USeP College of Engineering; Dr. Amparo B. Lacandula, retired Professor of USeP CARS; and Dr. Alminda M. Fernandez, Dean of the College of Agriculture, Jose Maria College Foundation, Inc.  The oral presentations highlighted the significance of the study, research methodology, data analysis, and significant findings.  In addition to oral presentations, there were also five (5) poster presentations from three (3) undergraduate and two (2) graduate studies.

The following received the best paper awards:

Graduate – Oral presentation category

1st Place: Denrel T. Hernando

Thesis Title: Effects of Lactobacillus sp. as Biological Control of Selected Fungal Pathogens Causing Crown Rot in  Cavendish Banana (Musa acuminate)

Adviser: Dr. Merlina H. Juruena

 2nd Place: Mckevin G. Mosquesa

Thesis Title:  Assessment of the Design and Management of DA RFO XI-SAAD Program for Fiscal Year 2022: Basis for Program Enhancement

Adviser:  Dr. Fernando V. Magdato, Jr.

3rd Place: Jesryl B. Paulite

Thesis Title:  Meriplant Establishment and Early Vegetative Growth of Tissue-Cultured ‘Cavendish’ Banana (Musa acuminata) ‘Grand Nain’ Affected by Different Biofertilizers

Adviser: Dr. Jonathan S. Mangmang


Undergraduate – Oral Presentation category

1st Place:  Japhet C. Paypa

Thesis Title: Transmission of Fusarium oxysporum f.sp. cubense TR4 to “Cavendish” Banana by Cosmopolites sordidus: A Potential Insect-Pathogen Interaction.

Adviser: Mr. Fernan Rhean A. Ramos

2nd Place: Karen Joy Suico

Thesis Title: Effect of Exogenous Ethylene on the Ripening Synchronization and Cup Quality of Robusta Coffee (Coffea canephora)

Adviser: Dr. Joyce C. Limbaga

3rd Place: Maximo N. Mandariaga

Thesis Title: Effects of an Ecologically Engineered Rice-Fish Integrated System on Rice Stem Borer, Rice Green Leafhopper, and Rice (NSIC Rc402) Yield

Adviser: Ms. Lira May A. Sibongga


Best Poster: Emailyn Baoy

Thesis Title: Beneficial Arthropod Populations Associated with Mixed Refuge Flowering Plants Under Rice-Fish Culture System

Adviser: Dr. Larry V. Aceres

Dr. Merlina H. Juruena, CARS Research Head, congratulates all participants for their remarkable research work and expresses gratitude to the faculty mentors who played an instrumental role in guiding the students in their research journeys.

The in-house review not only recognized students’ scholarly achievements but also prepared them for future academic and professional endeavors.  It instilled confidence, developed their presentation abilities, and provided essential experience in defending their research in a formal setting.